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Mike and El were, as per usual, snuggled up on the couch watching Star Wars. They had movie nights every Friday evening and most of the time they just ended up watching Star Wars, which neither of them ever got sick of. Usually they had it at the Wheeler's but Karen and Holly were away visiting Karen's sister, Ted was out of town for work and Nancy was at Jonathan's, and there was no way Hopper was leaving Mike and El alone in an empty house.

Despite El's protests, Hopper kept a watchful eye on the young couple. He knew Mike would never hurt Eleven, but he wanted to make sure his daughter was safe. Whilst Mike and El were watching the movie, he was sitting in his room, 'reading' a book. Since Mike was staying the night, he was being especially protective.

El shuffled around, trying to get comfortable. She eventually settled, her head resting on Mike's chest, her legs intertwined with his and his arm around her waist. Whenever they sat together, this was the usual position. El liked being able to hear Mike's thumping heart. They sat like this for a while, both thoroughly enjoying the movie. They weren't the type of couple who had a lot of conversations. They spoke more with their eyes and preferred intimacy and private moments.

Once the movie had ended El got up to go to the bathroom. Mike sat by himself contemplating something that had been on his mind for a while now. He turned around and saw El walking over, he saw how radiant and beautiful she looked, and knew he had to do it. He reached over to his coat and pulled out a small box. "El?" he asked timidly whilst she sat down. "Yes...?" she answered cautiously, looking at him in bewilderment. Mike swallowed the lump in his throat and opened the box, presenting it to her. "I know we might be really young, but I know that I want to marry you and that ill want to marry you when I'm older. I'd marry you right now if it were legal. I love you so much and I want you to have this promise ring. Wearing this means that you're promised to me and always will be" His heart was beating a million miles a minute as he looked at her. He couldn't read her face. Suddenly she launched herself at him, practically in tears. She pulled away and cupped his face, staring straight into his eyes. "I love you so much" she whispered as he slid the ring onto her finger. She then kissed him sweetly and hugged him again.

Hopper watched the scene from his room. He internally groaned. He knew how much El and Mike loved each other, but he never thought Mike would go as far as to give her a promise ring. The thought of his daughter getting married made his head spin. Once the two had settled down, he walked out, announcing he would get pizza for dinner.

Hopper, Mike and Eleven sat around the dinner table, Mike and El stealing looks at each other. Hopper sighed. "So?" he asked, causing the both of them to pop their heads up guiltily. He nodded his head towards the silver and quartz ring that sat on El's finger. "Were you ever going to tell me about that?" He asked taking another bite of his pizza. Mike and El exchanged a glance before Mike cleared his throat. "Well." He started nervously, El silently encouraging him. "I love your daughter Hopper. And- and I want to marry her. It won't be anytime soon but I gave her that ring to show her that I fully intend to one day" he exclaimed, grabbing El's hand and rubbing his thumb across the ring. Hopper sighed again and looked down "Well kid, unfortunately there's nothing I can do to stop you. But I hope I make myself very clear when I say that marriage is not happening anytime soon. Do you both understand?" He said forcefully. "Yes!" they both exclaimed, smiling giddily.

After dinner, Mike and El sat around watching random TV programs, but mostly enjoying each others presence. At 10:45, Mike felt El start to go slack against his chest. He chuckled softly before picking her up and setting her on her bed, tucking her under the covers. He went to get a glass of water and was heading back to her room to join her when Hopper stopped him. "Just to be clear kid, if you hurt her you will pay the price. And no funny business" he demanded, towering over him. Mike nodded his head forcefully. "I have nothing but love for your daughter Hop. If I ever hurt her, I wouldn't be able to live with myself" he exclaimed, looking up at the tall man. "Good" Hopper said as he slapped his shoulder and trudged off to his own room. Mike entered Eleven's room and crawled into bed beside her. She immediately cuddled up to him and he wrapped his arms around her, burying his head in her shoulder. "Night El" he whispered. It was a few minutes before she answered. "Night Mike"

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