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The sound of the rain reverberated off the roof of the Wheeler home. It was 10:30 on a Sunday morning and El and Mike were eating Eggos in the kitchen. Ever since she had been allowed to go to school and outside, it was all she ever wanted to do. She did love to play D&D and arcade games and watch movies but she felt she really belonged in nature. She had woken up really early that morning so she had been inside for hours, and all she wanted was to go outside, but she couldn't, unless she wanted to get a major cold.

Mike knew she would want to go outside so he tried to distract her. After they ate their Eggos, he put on Star Wars. (which almost never failed to distract her) She sat watching the first movie contently, but as soon as it was finished and Karen told them to do their homework, she got fidgety. She couldn't concentrate, and the tapping of her pen was distracting Mike as well. "El? Want to go make hot chocolate?" He asked, standing up from his desk. "Always!"

El sat on the kitchen bench and looked out the window, sipping her hot chocolate. Mike watched her from his spot on one of the bar stools and smiled at her beauty. Suddenly she jumped up, setting her cup down and rushing over to Mike, taking his cup out of his hand, setting it down too and pulling him outside.

"El!" he protested, trying to drag the petite girl back inside as he got soaked with the raindrops. She just smiled at him and dragged him out further until they were standing in the middle of his front yard. He watched with a smile as she danced around, the rain soaking her hair and clothes. She looked infinitely happy. She turned and beamed at him, suddenly running at him and kissing him. He wrapped his arms around her waist as hers wrapped round his neck. They stood there kissing in the rain, like two cliché characters from every romantic movie. They broke apart and Mike joined El in dancing around in the rain until Karen saw them cantering about in the rain and yelled at them to get inside before they caught a cold.

Much to the excitement of Mike and El, they both caught a cold and since Hopper had to go to work she was allowed to stay at the Wheeler's for as long as she was sick. For three days they sat and watched movies, enjoying each others company. No school and three days with their favourite person? Perhaps El's rain-dancing idea wasn't the worst.

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