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Mike, El, Lucas, Dustin, Max and Will had just gotten out of school. It was Friday afternoon so they had a double sleepover planned, with lots of movie watching and D&D playing ahead. They were all going back to their houses to gather their stuff and then meeting at Mike's at 4 o'clock.

By 4:15 the whole gang was gathered around the Wheeler basement. They had already set up their mattresses so they would have a comfy place to relax and hang around. The boys were all laughing about the major fail Troy had had in basketball that day and El and Max were having their own conversation on one of the couches. "So El, how long have you and Mike been boyfriend and girlfriend? I wasn't here last year so I don't know all the details" Max exclaimed whilst shuffling around, trying to get comfy. "What is a boyfriend and girlfriend?" El asked, a confused look on her face. "You don't know what boyfriends and girlfriends are? Are you and Mike even official?" Max asked. "Official?" El questioned. She was looking more and more confused by the second. "Wheeler get over here!" Max yelled.

Mike sat down next to El, grabbing her hands and smiling his special smile at her. The others all watched intently from the D&D table. "Whats up El?" he asked whilst wrapping his arm around her. Max and Lucas both rolled their eyes. "Max said something about a boyfriend and girlfriend. What is it?" she exclaimed, still growing more and more confused. "Come with me El. This is more of a private conversation" Mike said whilst leading her upstairs. "Goddamn!" Will protested, he and the others really wanted to see how the conversation was going to go.

El sat on Mike's bed as he closed the door and sat next to her. "So El. A boyfriend and girlfriend are like..... friends but more. You get a fluttery feeling in your stomach when you see them and your heart beats faster when you're near them. You kiss and cuddle with them and you tell them everything, because you love them" Mike exclaimed, staring into El's eyes. "So like you and me?" El asked innocently. "Yes but.... I never really asked you to be my girlfriend. I want to I was just.... nervous." Mike said, while looking down. "So ask me" El stated whilst lifting his head up to look into her eyes again. "Okay. Eleven Hopper" El giggled at his use of her last name. "Will you be my girlfriend?" Mike asked, his heart beating so fast he thought it might burst out of his chest. "Yes!" she exclaimed, kissing him. They stayed like that for a few minutes before El pulled back and looked into his eyes, brushing his fringe out of his eyes. He beamed at her and led her back downstairs.

By this point the others were getting impatient, so when Mike and El descended the stairs into the basement, they were all practically falling out of their chairs to see why their friends had to say. "WELL!?" Will screamed, jumping up off his chair. Mike turned to El and kissed her for a second before announcing "She's my girlfriend!"

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