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Mike clambers to El's window and knocks three times. He sees her get up from her bed and rush over, opening the window and ushering him inside to the warmth. She quickly wraps him in a hug, clinging on to him tightly. She kisses him harshly. He pulls back quickly and stares into her eyes, rubbing circles on the palm of her hand with his thumb to soothe her. He separates from her to take off his coat, and then sits on her bed, her joining and snuggling into his side.

He strokes her hair and just sits with her. They haven't spoken any words but he knows she's been having arguments with Hopper, and he doesn't want to press the issue. He just stays with her and whispers "I'm right here" over and over again as she cries silently into his shoulder.

A few minutes pass until she lifts her head and crawls into his lap turning to face him. Mike wipes away a stray tear and then cups her face, slowly kissing her. They stay like that for a couple minutes before she pulls back and crawls until the duvet. She gestures for him to join and he climbs in after her. She immediately clasps onto him like a baby koala and he chuckles softly, wrapping his arms around her petite torso. "Thank you for being here with me" She mumbles against his chest. "Anything for my El. I love you so much." He answers back.

About half an hour passes before El sleepily lifts her head, kisses Mike sweetly and then murmurs "I Love You so much too" before drifting off to sleep. Mike snuggles closer to her, and kisses her cheek before dozing off too.

After a night of tossing and turning, Hopper wakes at the crack of dawn and goes to check on his daughter. He loves her so much and wishes that their fights weren't so explosive. As he slowly opens her door, he sees her cuddled round the Wheeler boy. Hopper was forced to accept that the Wheeler kid wasn't going anywhere, and that he and El were always going to be together. Even Hopper can't help but smile as he watches the young teens start to stir, and El snuggle closer to Mike wrapping her arms around his neck and his arms tightening around her waist. He hears the soft murmurs of "I Love You" and sighs. They're still so damn young.

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