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Pinky Swear

A brighter and more content Evan Hansen walked the halls the next day. He had a slight bounce in his step, he looked ahead rather than his feet. He even engaged in a conversation that lasted a few minutes with a girl he had never talked to before: Alana Beck.

She asked about Evan's cast. Evan never had that question before, really. (prEtend Connor signed it in the treehouse. I forgot to add that..I might later.)

Evan instinctively told the quick tale about falling out of a tree in the park he worked at. "I fell."


"Yeah," Evan said. "I fell out of a tree while working as a park ranger at Ellison State Park. I was climbing and I fell from high enough that I uh broke my arm."

Alana saw right through his lie. "Did you?"


"Are you sure?"

"No.." Evan looked at his cast, then back at the short girl standing before him. "I let go. I went to the trees and felt, well, alone. The world could have been better off witho-"

"I know. Er, I know what it's like to feel alone. Like you could disappear and no one around would even notice you were gone. I'm sorry you felt that way."

"You don't have to be sorry," Evan said, although he apologises a lot anyway. Haha.

"I'd ask to sign your cast, but it looks," she paused, looking for a word, "occupied." She chuckled. Evan revealed the other side, where Connor's large signature wasn't visible.

"Oh perfect!" Alana signed the cast in small writing. She also asked Evan is they wanted to exchange phone numbers. She wanted to be close acquaintances, whatever that meant. Evan gave her his number and walked off to his locker to retrieve his textbook.


As Jared was descending the stairs to the first floor of the school, frantically racing to his English class, he noticed a long-haired, tall boy he recognised immediately.

Jared, known for his humour and prank, decided to comment on the boy's hair, losing time to get to his class.

"Hey, Connor. I'm loving the new hair length. Very school shooter chic."

Connor turned slightly to face Jared. He did not say anything. He just looked down at the panting student, waiting.

"I was kidding," Jared said, catching his breath. "It was a joke."

"Yeah, no it was funny." Connor's eyes remained expressionless. "Am I not laughing hard enough for you?" He stepped forward, his suddenly getting louder and deeper.

"You're such a freak."

Connor shoved Jared into the wall of lockers knocking his glasses off of his face. He even dropped his book. Jared couldn't help but let out a quick laugh, before turning nervous again.

"Stop fucking laughing at me."

"I'm- Ah-"

"You think I'm a freak?" Connor let go of Jared, allowing him to fully breathe. He looked at the out-of-breath boy sitting on the ground and realised it was Jared Kleinman. Evan's friend. Best friend..?

Jared was going to tell Evan. He'd probably exaggerate to make Evan hate Connor more than he already does. I mean, who doesn't hate me? Connor thought.

"Oh," Connor muttered. "Jared, I'm so sorry. I just," he helped pick up his things.

Jared was shocked. I intimidate Connor Murphy. Why? How? This is great, Jared thought.


As soon as the bell sounded for the last period to end, Evan picked up his book and his backpack, waved to the teacher, and proceeded to walk towards the buses.

As he carefully moved through the sea of teenagers tall and small, Jared grabbed the handle on his backpack, jerking him backwards. "What the hell-"

"My bad. Look, do you know Connor Murphy?"

Evan's eyes lit up. "Yeah, why?"

"He's scared of me. I made fun of his hair and he pushe-"


"Because it just looked so stupid. It's all long and greasy and shit-"

"It's not!" Evan looked around, practically everyone had left by now.

"Jeez. Anyway, he pushed me into the wall and dropped me, then he started apologising and helping me up." Jared pulled Evan to a bench. "Has he seemed off lately? I don't know, but you know his sister. I figured you have at least talked to him before."

"Well," Evan started to explain. Jared story made him think. "Well I mean we're friends. We're closer than, uh, other people are with him, I guess."

"You what?"

"Look, I went to his house the other day and found him in the treehouse. He was high or something and we kind of started talking about life and other stuff."


"And, well, after talking, he just, uh, smooooch."

Jared laughed. "You two kissed?"

Evan nodded. "We're friends, right? You and me? Like friend-friends?"

Jared nodded.

"Okay. Can I trust you not to tell anyone about this then?"

"Yep. I feel like you're a pinky swear kinda guy, so," Jared held out his pinky finger. Evan linked his pinky with Jared's. "I promise," Jared confirmed.

"Thank you," Evan said, relieved over nothing.


842 words


Ooh and I used actual dialogue from the script. Be proud of me- jk..

Also, I proooomise that things between Connor and Evan will surge in Chapter 14. I'm excited to write it!

Thank you for reading this....thing I call writing. :3

And I said it earlier, but still, pretend Connor signed the cast in the treehouse in, like, Chapter 6.



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