Chapter XXIII - Epilogue

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We could be alright for forever this way


The truth is I did remember what had happened. My brain was so hurt and so shocked, though, that it completely erased Connor from the narrative. It all burned in my head, it seemed.

However, we were like strangers. It was hard. I pretended we were friends instead of telling everyone that we were boyfs...riends for a short while. It was just easier.

I wrote a poem called "For Forever," which I showed the Murphys and the rest of the school. Jared and Alana and I decided to create The Connor Project: a major online presence, a student group dedicated to keeping Connor's memory alive.

Zoe helped us work on it, mostly because she and Alana started dating. I knew they would.

Jared got to "second-base-below-the-bra" with some girl from Israel he said was going into the army or something. Cool?

My mom still worked extra hours to provide for us. She told me she would be there for me from now on when it all feels so big, until it all feels so small. I thought that was beautiful.

Cynthia and Larry fought less and smiled more. They helped us reopen the orchard.


Jared and I were sitting on the same cold bench Connor was that Saturday, almost two months ago. We were looking at the trees, playing in the trees, taking pictures of the trees, loving the trees, and-

Alright that's enough Evan.

Kayla, what the hell?



Jared sighed, relieved to relax for the first time in forever. "Isn't that pretty?"

"Yeah. You know the poem I wrote?" I asked. Jared nodded. "I wrote it, looking at the open field framed with trees, right from this bench."

Jared hummed in agreement. "Ah. Yeah. All we see is just sky. All we see is light. All we see is sky for forever."

There was a long pause before I spoke again.

"All I see is sky for forever."


Ouch, thank y'all so much for reading this shiz! I'm actually kinda proud of this story.

See you guys in my other stories :3

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