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Musicals x Reader One-Shot Book! (Completed!!) by Griffon_Shadow
Musicals x Reader One-Shot Book! (...by Rinna~
I've wanted to do this for a while, so I did! I will be doing Musicals like; Hamilton, Heathers, Dear Even Hansen, Wicked, Little Shop Of Horrors, and Kinky Boots. You c...
treebros oneshots by ironic_isnt_it
treebros oneshotsby pasta salad’s bitch
yes i realize that connor is dead you don't have to rub it in (highest rank: #2 in dearevanhansen)
If I Could Tell Him by itsyrgrl
If I Could Tell Himby zz💙
!COMPLETED! Evan and Connor have been crushing on each other for years. Both are too nervous to tell the other how they feel, which leads to a lot of confusion for the t...
Just Another Lie, Right? [Kleinsen] by NobodyNose27
Just Another Lie, Right? [Kleinsen]by kelli
"Dear Evan Hansen, Life at rehab is alright. But there's one more thing that needs mentioning; You know that guy from school? Jared Kleinman? We should make him par...
«Musical x Reader» {one-shots and preferences} by retrolokii
«Musical x Reader» {one-shots and...by retrolokii
You've read the title! I take requests and such but I also do my own storylines! I also do the cast of certain musicals and not just the characters in them! This book mo...
Broken Hearts - TreeBros by lucky_thewashington
Broken Hearts - TreeBrosby Lucky🍀
Evan has always felt like no one was there for him most of his life. Evan hasn't had any friends and feels lonely most of the time and his anxiety doesn't help him with...
GAME OVER: a Be More Chill fic by emospaceman
GAME OVER: a Be More Chill ficby moikey
Things have been going downhill for Jeremy ever since he got rid of the Squip. So after uncovering some long-buried feelings for his Player 1, Jeremy does something he k...
Wrong Number | Dear Evan Hansen | Treebros by LilaBookish
Wrong Number | Dear Evan Hansen |...by Lila
Evan get's a high text from an unknown number, and after talking a while he wonders if the person on the other end isn't so unknown after all. Treebros / EvanxConner...
Tall Insomniacs.- (Connor Murphy X  reader) by YoGirlie-
Tall Insomniacs.- (Connor Murphy X...by super slüt
WARNINGS: mental heath issues, cussing.
Stood Up - Treebros (Dear Evan Hansen) by HelloHelloHello83
Stood Up - Treebros (Dear Evan Han...by I have a new acc!!
Evan Hansen is finally about to go out with his dream girl, Zoe Murphy. When he's stood up, a guy named Connor swoops in so Evan isn't humiliated. They become friends, a...
Step Into the Sun by didsome1saybts
Step Into the Sunby lijy
Connor Murphy is basically a prostitute. He left home at seventeen and realised the easiest way to make a living was by selling his body, which takes a big toll on his m...
Jump (Dear Evan Hansen) by TayTayBroadway
Jump (Dear Evan Hansen)by Trees🌳
What if Evan accidentally saved Connor? Highest Rank : 110 in Fanfiction
Sincerely, Me {A Dear Evan Hansen FF} by Frozen_Winter
Sincerely, Me {A Dear Evan Hansen...by Trash™️
~*COMPLETED*~ What if the letter accident didn't go they way it did? What if Connor never killed himself? What if him and Evan became friends? ~~~ "What?" &quo...
DEH & BMC x Reader by dekualexwannabe
DEH & BMC x Readerby Waste of Space
Dear Evan Hansen & Be More Chill x Reader! Fluff, angst, smut/lemons, limes, and au's. REQUESTS PLEASE!! I RUN OUT OF IDEAS FAST!! Includes: -Connor -Evan -Jared -Micha...
Multifandom Imagines by iamaweirdobutitsok
Multifandom Imaginesby iamaweirdobutitsok
imagines for: ~ 13 Reasons Why ~ Riverdale ~ The Maze Runner ~Teen Wolf ~ Shadowhunters ~ Harry Potter ~ Marvel ~ DC ~ The Umbrella Academy ~ Julie and the Phantoms ~ M...
Special {Sincerely three} ~*•DEH fanfic•*~ by Scrunglafied
Special {Sincerely three} ~*•DEH f...by M
Made in 2017 On a dreadful day Evan comes in contact with Connor many times. After Jared saves him from one of those times he's told to stay away but that doesn't go to...
Don't Move | A Tree Bros Fanfic by NUMB3rF0UR
Don't Move | A Tree Bros Fanficby 𝒦𝓁𝒶𝓊𝓈 𝐻𝒶𝓇𝑔𝓇𝑒𝑒𝓋𝑒...
CW; suicide attempt, homophobia, homophobic slurs, depression, anxiety, etc. This is basically just a super cheesy and mushy fanfic involving Connor and Evan from DEH. T...
Falling For You (Treebros) by probably-a-lesbian
Falling For You (Treebros)by Em :)
A Treebros fanfic (yay)! I'll put trigger warnings at the start of a chapter. Also, this might include swearing. When Connor Murphy stops Evan Hansen from jumping out o...
Stopping Time by DaytimeTerrors
Stopping Timeby DaytimeTerrors
Everyone is born with a timer on their wrist, counting down to the exact time they'll meet their soulmate. Connor Murphy doesn't believe in soulmates. Or rather, that he...
Screen Names. by uhtotalghost
Screen Names.by (wheeze)
"That sounds familiar. My friend online says that a lot." Connor and Evan both know each other through their screen names, and outside of their blogs and chat...