Chapter IX

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Jared drove to Evan's house and walked to the doorstep with less confidence than usual. He knocked on the wooden door and heard faint footsteps from the other side. When it opened, it was the well-known, slightly shorter boy who said quietly, "Hi."

"Hi Evan," Jared said almost as quietly. "Can I co-"

"Yeah," Evan responded. He moved around Jared to close the door behind him.

"So ah I'm really sorry. I was stupid and I probably scared you. I suck. I didn't mean to say any of that, really. I just was frustrated and I-"

"It's okay. I'm sorry too," Evan interrupted with a short sigh.

"Why are you sorry?"


I guess I didn't really need to be sorry. Although I wanted to be. I don't know. Part of me is always sorry for everything. I was too forgiving, too nice, too apologetic. I said sorry to make Jared feel less guilty I think.

"I'm not sure..." There was a silence that felt like it went on for ten minutes. "I say that a lot. Um, I'm sorry."

"No, no. Ev, you don't need to be sorry. Look. I'm gonna order a pizza, so what do you want?" Jared pulled out his phone and dialed the pizza place.

About a half hour later, the pizza came and we ate at my house. Jared kept picking off pepperoni and rearranging it into a smiley face. We talked and took in the view of the greasy masterpiece.

When my mom finally came home, we were both asleep with Mean Girls glowing on the TV. (Haha)


The next day, Connor invites me over to his house.

Connor: [My parents and Zoe won't be home so it's alright ;)]

Connor: [Oh god that wink made it seem weird..]

When I went over, he led me back to their treehouse. There, we talked about life and other stuff.

Usually Connor seems intimidating and like he would throw punches whenever, but he isn't like that. I like this version of Connor.

Then, we heard Zoe come home. She probably saw the back door wide open and heard people back here. She came outside and knocked on the treehouse door. Connor told her to enter.

I finished my thought, "..and yeah that's how I fell out of the tree. I just love trees," then I greeted Zoe.

"Hey Ev!" She smiled and waved at the boy. "Connor."

Connor then suggested that we hang out together. He said it was because it would be fun. It was probably to calm me down. I don't really know.

Zoe suggested that we could play a game. She didn't know what it was called, but she told us it was really fun.

"So the person to your left asks you a question quietly so no one else can hear. Then you answer out loud, and honestly. Next, you roll the die. If you roll evens, you tell everyone the question. If you get odds, the question is not said, and you ask the next person a question," she explained.

"Ooh mysterious," Connor said.

I nodded in agreement to play, Zoe grabbed dice and we started.

(sooo this game idea is one I got from another DEH fanfic. It's called Dear Crush! and it's really good. I recommend it!)

We sat in a triangular-circular-sorta formation with the three of us, knees touching knees.

"Okay, uh, I'll start by asking Evan," Zoe said, turning to me. I leaned my head closer so she could whisper.

" how are you?" That was easy.

"Alright.. Fine," I muttered, looking up at Connor. I rolled the die and got a three. "Odds. So my turn?"

Zoe nodded. I leaned toward Connor and whispered, "Uh when's your birthday?"

Connor snickered but not in a bad way and said, "May 26, 2000." Zoe rolled her eyes. Connor rolled a six. "He asked for my birthday. I'm expecting cake, now."

"Oh okay," I said, then it went silent for a half second until Connor spoke, chuckling.

"I was kidding."

"Oh. Heh."

"My turn, Zo," he smiled creepily and asked her the question.

"Ugh, because you're a dick and you can't comprehend my awesomeness," she replied passive-aggressively. Connor smiled at me. I wonder what he asked.

"Odds. My turn to ask Evan," Zoe said cheerfully. " you like anyone? Like uh like-like someone?"

I felt my face turn pink. Then red. "Yes," I said very slowly. I rolled a four. Evens. "Uh the question was, um, if I like, uh, like-like someone.'

Zoe blushed too, as did Connor. Why did he- never mind.

"Do you, um, like-like someone," I asked Connor.

"Original, huh. Um yes." He rolled a four. "He asked the same thing you did, Zo," he announced impassively.

Connor asked Zoe whatever question he asked and she responded with a soft, "Yeah." Then she thought maybe we could change it up and go counter-clockwise instead. Connor and I agreed.

"What's the last name of your crush?" Connor asked, looking genuinely curious.

"Um," I mumbled, making direct eye contact with Connor, "his- their las- uh Murphy." Zoe made a cute squeak sound. Dang. I rolled a two. "He asked my crush's last name..Murphy."

Connor subtly glared at Zoe, then I was to ask a question to her. "Um," I grinned slightly, "what is your crush's full name?" I wanted to know, but also I felt like that's where this was going anyway.

Zoe blushed and she looked at me again. "Evan Hansen," she said. She gave a quuick smile before quickly looking down at her hands to roll the die. She rolled a five. She had a quiet sigh of relief and she set the cube back down into the centre of us.

"Welp..I'm going to go to the bathroom. Then I'm gonna go smo- do things," Connor said randomly. "Bye Evan. Zoe." He walked out of the treehouse and left me and Zoe alone.


Hiiiii! Sorry I feel like it's been ages since I've published. Probably less than a week tho..? :/

996 words. Again, I got this game idea and um playing-it-in-a-deh-fanfic idea from one called Dear Crush!

It's really good and I recommend it. (The book not the game although that sounds fun too haha)

Anyway, I make covers. Self promo..? So if you want a cover for a book, tell me :)

Also my instagram if yall want it is @hellohellohello83

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the next chapter!


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