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~Weird~   Connor Murphy x Reader (DEH)[COMPLETE] by jxllycee
~Weird~ Connor Murphy x Reader ( cas
Unlike the majority of weird things that happened to me, I'm glad you happened, because I was able to find someone who listened. Cared. Understood, no matter how weird s...
Stopping Time by DaytimeTerrors
Stopping Timeby DaytimeTerrors
Everyone is born with a timer on their wrist, counting down to the exact time they'll meet their soulmate. Connor Murphy doesn't believe in soulmates. Or rather, that he...
Printer Boy (Connor Murphy x Fem!Reader) by Vale_Moone
Printer Boy (Connor Murphy x Fem! Vale Moone
In which Connor Murphy lets Y/n L/n melt his heart of ice. "You're printer boy, aren't you?" "Shut the fuck up"
Freakish (Dear Evan Hansen) by Indiishere
Freakish (Dear Evan Hansen)by Indi_is_here
(Connor Murphy X Reader) |AU WHERE CONNOR DOES NOT DIE| /Art is not drawn by me, creds to @/cryptidw00rm on tumblr!/
Connor Murphy X reader oneshots by Hollywritesshit
Connor Murphy X reader oneshotsby Hollywritesshit
I've decided that there aren't enough Connor Murphy X readers. So I've decided to do a book of short images and oneshots because I can't decide on one idea I like the mo...
Stuck Together (Connor Murphy x reader) by TonijnPonijn
Stuck Together (Connor Murphy x TonijnPonijn
Going on a ski trip with your best friend, Zoe Murphy, seemed like an amazing idea. But what will happen when her and her parents get stuck in a snowstorm and you have t...
«Musical x Reader» {one-shots and preferences} by retrolokii
«Musical x Reader» {one-shots retrolokii
You've read the title! I take requests and such but I also do my own storylines! I also do the cast of certain musicals and not just the characters in them! This book mo...
Dear Brother: A Dear Evan Hansen x Be More Chill Stepbrothers AU by Gpuppylover7
Dear Brother: A Dear Evan Hansen Gpuppylover
So I found this AU and I kinda fell in love... so I decided to write about it. It takes place after BMC, but when DEH would start. It includes ships like: Treebros, Boyf...
Musicals x Reader One-Shot Book! (Completed!!) by Griffon_Shadow
Musicals x Reader One-Shot Book! ( Rinna~
I've wanted to do this for a while, so I did! I will be doing Musicals like; Hamilton, Heathers, Dear Even Hansen, Wicked, Little Shop Of Horrors, and Kinky Boots. You c...
Ski Trip (Connor Murphy X Reader) by JDWritesImpulsively
Ski Trip (Connor Murphy X Reader)by Call me JD!
Y/n is the daughter of one of Larry Murphy's business partners, and went on the yearly ski trip along with her father. Her father was close friends with Larry, too, so t...
You Make Your Own Future (Mike Faist x Reader)  by KortaTofi
You Make Your Own Future (Mike KortaTofi
You're a massive musical fan and love Dear Evan Hansen. You admire Mike Faist and would give anything to meet him. On your 19th birthday your parents give you a chance b...
A Little Bit Of Light | Dear Evan Hansen - COMPLETED by philocalic
A Little Bit Of Light | Dear Eliza
COMPLETED: Connor Murphy; the 'emo kid' with depression. Evan Hansen; the 'treeboi' with social anxiety - the two losers of the school. A failed suicide attempt, disguis...
Hazy Love: A Treebros Fic by OtherGayShitTM
Hazy Love: A Treebros Ficby whoops
Connor Murphy is, more often than not, high. After a drug-fueled encounter directed at Evan Hansen, a cute tree enthusiast from his school, Connor finds himself taking a...
Sincerely, Me {A Dear Evan Hansen FF} by Frozen_Winter
Sincerely, Me {A Dear Evan Trash™️
~*COMPLETED*~ What if the letter accident didn't go they way it did? What if Connor never killed himself? What if him and Evan became friends? ~~~ "What?" &quo...
* NEW CAPTION * THIS BOOK LITERALLY SUCKS LMAO STOP READING IT U WERIDOS im kidding I love u thanks ~~~~~~~~~ This will be a Connor Murphy x Evan Hansen book! All chara...
Down // TreeBros ·· Soulmate AU by myshortinfinity
Down // TreeBros ·· Soulmate AUby •● susie ●•
Huge thanks to @Saphirdrache / @Zitronendrache for the amazing cover. I absolutely love it. The world was always black and white. You always felt empty. They would alway...
514 - Mike Faist by realitydragon
514 - Mike Faistby realitydragon
Okay before we start.. I made this short story for @mkefstxoxo (on Instagram). She made my day by posting a picture and bringing me all the luck with it for my exam. (P...
DEH & BMC x Reader by dekualexwannabe
DEH & BMC x Readerby Waste of Space
Dear Evan Hansen & Be More Chill x Reader! Fluff, angst, smut/lemons, limes, and au's. REQUESTS PLEASE!! I RUN OUT OF IDEAS FAST!! Includes: -Connor -Evan -Jared -Micha...
Stood Up - Treebros (Dear Evan Hansen) by HelloHelloHello83
Stood Up - Treebros (Dear Evan I have a new acc!!
Evan Hansen is finally about to go out with his dream girl, Zoe Murphy. When he's stood up, a guy named Connor swoops in so Evan isn't humiliated. They become friends, a...
If I Could Tell Him by itsyrgrl
If I Could Tell Himby zz💙
!COMPLETED! Evan and Connor have been crushing on each other for years. Both are too nervous to tell the other how they feel, which leads to a lot of confusion for the t...