A/N Thank you so much!

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Thank you so much!


Hello there! Welcome to the end of my story, ...But Not Because We're Gay

I expected it to go in a different direction when I named it. Basically it ended up being like what happened before the musical-show-stuff. How and why Connor actually killed himself, I suppose? Like Wicked, ya know?

So this book was the first thing I've written that I am actually kind of proud of. I really enjoyed writing this, even though I started it in like November maybe. Still. It's finally done.

Now I'm going to write a quick epilogue so I can feel like I actually ended the damn story. It's going to be really short.

Okay, anyway, thank you all sososososososo much! I love you all! I'm so happy that you like took time out of your life to read stuff I read. That's so cool to me! Idk.


See you in the epilogue.


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