Chapter XXI

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The orchard


I sat in Evan's room for about five minutes after Connor left. I sat wondering where he went. Where Evan went.

I wasn't sure if Evan had actually died or what.

I mean Evan would usually be home by now. Heidi gets home in a couple of hours.

After those five minutes, I got up and went back home.

That was when Evan texted me.



Connor sat there on the bench for what felt like six hours. Really, he had only been there for about one hour.

Everything was quiet. Connor closed his eyes and put his head in his hands. He spread out on the bench and tried to fall asleep.

That was when he heard a cracking noise. Then another. Then a soft yelp from far away. Out of the shadows, Evan.

Evan walked forward, careful not to make too much sound. He, too, enjoyed the silence. He stopped before he ran into the cold, dark bench. He stared at the boy lying on top of it. He tilted his head, confused.


Connor didn't respond. He didn't even move a muscle.

"Hey, what happened?" Evan was still heartbroken by Connor's random outburst, but he hid it well now. "Connor," his voice cracked, "hello?"

Still nothing.

"Fine, if you won't talk to me, then I don't know. Fine. I'm just gonna leave then." He moved his leg backwards. Then his other leg followed.

He turned his back and walked off, back into the shadows, through the trees, back to Jared's car.

Connor looked in the direction Evan walked off in and sighed weakly.



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