Chapter XIII

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Jared felt the need to make Evan and Connor happen. He called it Tree Bros because their kiss happened in a tree house.

Jared started hanging out with Evan and Connor moe often, even though he kind of hated it. He disliked Connor because of minor incidents from primary school. Jared and Connor were best friends until Connor abandoned him. For no one. He just started becoming edgier, more isolated, less happy as years went on. He used to push Jared and say things behind his back when they were in fourth or fifth grade. Jared was still bitter about the things he said.

He also felt he need to protect Evan and make sure he was okay. Jared felt bad for all of the previous bad behaviour towards his friend. This was sort of a way to apologise.

Connor didn't remember those things about Jared, actually. Evan didn't either, although he really just sat in the corner in solitude, reading about and drawing trees.

Evan was pleased with Jared being willing si hang out with him like they were actual friends. His bonds with others seemed to be getting stronger, which he was both afraid of, as well as excited for. He was only afraid because he could say one thing that could break that strong bond forever. Words fail.

Jared, being a very observant person, had noticed Connor's behaviour around Evan. Jared knew he was genuinely less angry and annoying around the boy. He set out to get to Connor and help him achieve um dating Evan (I suck at wording stuff and writing in general. I apologise..).

Connor actually invited Jared over, through Evan. Evan was happy that his two friends got along. For the most part. Usually. Sometimes.


"Hey, uh do you guys want to play that one game? The truthy question game? Ev, you know, yeah?" Connor asked.

"Yeah, sure," Evan replied, although he was nervous of the things Jared could potentially ask him.

"How do you play?" Jared asked. Evan and Connor explained it to him but it took way too long, at around ten minutes. "So y'all ask me something quietly, I answer aloud, evens means I tell and odds means it'll stay a secret?"

"Oh," Evan chuckled.

"Wow," Connor said.

"Okay then. So we're playing?" Jared looked at Evan. Evan nodded.

They played counter-clockwise: Jared to Evan, Evan to Connor, Connor to Jared.

Jared began by asking if he and Evan were friends. "Yeah," Evan answered, relieved. Jared was also relieved. Evan rolled a three. Odd. Connor looked confused as to why they looked so happy.

Evan asked Connor what colour his nail polish is. (I asked Colton Ryan, who was my Connor when I saw the rest of the OBC, and he said this:)

"Um," Connor looked at his fingers. "Charcoal."

The short boy smiled. Connor rolled a six and revealed the question.

Connor asked Jared, "Ah why did you become so friendly with Evan recently?"

"Because we're friends. He is the sweetest and smartest guy I know and I'm really all he's got because his mom's never home and he doesn't really have anyone else to go to for anything, to be hones-" Jared broke off, realising he became very defensive and specific. He looked at Evan and noticed that he looked very happy and reassured. Jared rolled a three, as well. Odds.

Jared turned closer to Evan to ask, "How long have you actually known Connor for? Like been hanging out and shit."

"Um a couple weeks. Maybe around two?" Odds.

Evan asked who Connor's crush was because he knew he had one.

"Uh..a senior uhm guy...and yeah." Evens. Evan smiled. Jared rolled his eyes.

Evan went through a series of rolling odd numbers as the other two rolled evens practically every time. Evan's questions weren't bad or anything, but he was glad he could just ask the next question and be done. Jared had also noticed Evan's odd rolls.


I'd rolled a lot of odds at this point. I was kind of bummed because they weren't even questions I was embarrassed about. If I get odds, I wish it was for how much I like Connor or something. Ugh.

It was Jared's turn to ask me. "How much do you.." Hw paused. He stroked his hairless chin and grinned like Cheshire Cat. "How much do you like Connor?!" Did he hear my thinking??


"Is that all?" Jared smirked.

"A loooot.. For a while.. Heh."

Connor seemed confused, as he was squinting and darting his eyes back and forth between me and Jared.

I rolled the die. Jared's eyes widened slightly as he smirked. Connor looked at me, ready to understand what was going on.

I rolled a two. Oof.


Ok so 796 words feels like way more than it is. I thought I was pushing 1000-ish.

I apologise. I can't write good fluff romance idek what this is trying to be anymore.

I'm kinda into the story though and the real tree bros is coming up next. Yaaayyy!

Thanks for tuning in to my ickiness.


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