Chapter X

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Bi Bi Birdy...


Murphy? Evan's crush's last name was Murphy. I'm- My last name is Murphy. As far as I know, he likes girls like a regular human boy (hm Zoe..). Also the only other Murphy around his age that I know is Connor. Connor's a dick, so that clears it up.

When Evan asked me who mine was, I just said it, hoping to be safe from telling. A small part of me, however, wanted to tell Connor. I'm pretty sure he might like Evan. Whether he does or doesn't, they're growing closer every time they hang out together.

Connor went to the bathroom. By that, he probably meant go get high or something. I don't get him..

I was still a bit pink in the face. Evan was too. He looked up at me and asked as quietly as possible, "Who?"

I dodged the question like I didn't hear. I'm just surprised I heard anything.

"Um Evan?" He looked at my face. "You said Murphy was their last name?"

He nodded.

"Really?" I smiled sheepishly. Nah. I smiled like a normal person.

Evan looked out the wood door, toward the actual house. He seemed confused. "Yeeaah..?"

"Oh Evan, this is wonderful!"


I started feeling weird. Not sick, but more like guilt. I didn't know why, though. I began to realise what Zoe meant. She thought- wait.

"I- bi," I said, practically silently.


I felt the pressure blowing up baNg BanG-

"I'm not," I started stuttering. The mildest inconvenience or uncomfortable situation could happen, like now, and I tense up and can't talk. "Bi bi birdy." I stood up.

"You- wait huh?" She did the same.

I walked to the door and opened it. "Bi. Bisexual. I'm uh- bye," I shouted. Was I breaking down? Wasn't I always? Nah.

"I don-"

"I'm BI OKAY," I shouted once more, frustrated at this point. I raced out of the treehouse as fast as I could maneuver through the small room. My head hurt.


When he started mumbling, I knew he was uncomfortable and that he was trying to tell me something. All I asked was his crush's name. Instead, he told me that he was bi? Why did that matter?

Haha he said bi bi birdy.


He told me all of that because he's not just straight like a normal boy.

He likes guys too.

I only know of one other Murphy who happens to be a guy: Connor.



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