Chapter XVII

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In order to help Alana, I would have to talk to Zoe. I was nervous because of the whole Zoe-likes-me thing, and I was still a tad upset about her talking to my mom.

When she told my mom about me, I was sad I couldn't do it myself, I was kind of mad at her for choosing that as a comeback, I was nervous about my mom's reaction. There weird so many feelings on top of one another that it was hard to concentrate.

Back to Alana's issue, although Alana hasn't ever really dated anyone, I think Zoe would be an okay start. She seems to be all Alana talks about when anyone brings up anything remotely related to her.

I planned it all: I would ask Zoe to study for chemistry with me at her house, probably. Then I'd kind of go towards less aggravating subjects, like I don't know, our friends. I decided to text her right now.

Evan: [Hey Zoe do you want to study together for the upcoming chem test?]

She opened the message within five minutes. As she typed, I decided to talk to Connor about life and other stuff.

Zoe: [Sure! My house?]

Evan: [Ok maybe five minutes?]

Zoe: [That works. See ya in a few✨]

I ran my fingers through my kind of messy hair, grabbed my notebook and pen, then walked out the door. I walked the familiar road to the tall light grey house that stood at the end of it. I knocked and Connor answered.

"Heeyyy," the taller boy said, smiling. I noticed his eyes get a little happier-looking. I hugged him and kissed his cheek. He walked me upstairs and sat on his bed. "What's up Ev?"

"Just studying with Zoe for chemistry. I also have to talk to her about Alana."


"Well Alana is nervous about it all and I wanted to try to help her out, and-"

"No I mean why study? Ew." He chuckled and gently placed my small legs on his so I was sitting on his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself towards him.

Zoe knocked on the door and walked in carefully after Connor grunted. "Hey Evan," she said cheerfully towards me. She looked up to Connor and her face fell into more of an irritated expression. "And Connor."

"What do you want?" Connor shifted so that he could see Zoe's face better.

"A, I want to study with Evan, which is what he came here for. B, I don't think you should hold guests captive."

"I'm not. I'm hugging him." He tightened his hold.

"Whatever. Come on Evan."

"Can you study in here?" Connor suggested. Aw.

"Whatever," she replied. She ran into her bedroom quickly to grab her supplies. When she came back, she closed the door and sat on the floor.

I removed myself from Connor's lap to get to my books.


After actually studying for about twenty minutes (I even got Connor to study with us!), I decided I would try to talk about other stuff.

How do I approach things like this? I had no friends. I had no one to talk to except Jared. He doesn't do this.

The truth game? No. Can't I just talk? Maybe.

"So Zoe, can we take a quick break and talk about something less irritating?"

She put down her pencil and looked at me. Oof eye contact. "Uh sure. Want a glass of water or something too?"

"No thanks. But you know Alana right?"

"Of course I know Alana. She's, like, my best friend,"

"Okay," I began, "and, um okay." Darn. What now?

"She's been acting odd lately. And when we talk about like boys and stuff, she'll tense up and not talk as much. Any ideas?"

Perfect. "Um maybe she likes someone she doesn't know likes her back? Maybe she doesn't want to tell you b-because she's just nervous with this kind of thing in general?" I stuttered a few times.

"Maybe. But I tell her who I like and stuff," Zoe said, putting away her textbook.

"I'm leaving. Gonna let you talk about Alana and whatever. Bye Ev," Connor announced as he slowly left the pastel purple room.

Zoe watched him leave curiously. As soon as the door closed, she inched even closer to me. Her voice got the slightest bit higher. Hm.

"You tell her who you like and stuff? So does she do that too?" I asked.

She shook her head as she mumbled a no. "I just," she sighed, "I still kind of like you. And I'm sorry for telling your mom about uh that."

"Oh." My face got a tad warm.

The next thing I knew, the door had opened. I heard Connor start to mention that he forgot his sweatshirt in Zoe's room, but he stopped suddenly. "Evan?"

Then I felt me and Zoe pull our faces apart from each other. Shoot- never mind I'll just say shit.

The way Connor said my name hurt. It wasn't super angry like he hated me. It wasn't happy. I knew he surely was upset. His tone hurt me in my chest.

Zoe kissed me?! Connor walked in?! I'm confused. And in trouble.


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