Chapter VII

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The Smartphone Hour


I  spent the next hour before I went to sleep overthinking and trying to remember what all had happened. I remember it was absolutely nothing and we both reacted terribly to a minor thing. All I did was not say where I was.

The next morning, thankfully a Saturday morning, I checked my phone right away. Let's see...

[2 missed calls from Jared Kleinman]

[2 text messages from Zoe Murphy]

[4 text messages from Unknown]

[1 missed call from Mom]

Hm. I didn't think I wanted to talk to Jared right this second, so I deleted that notification. I opened Zoe's texts.

Zoe: [Hey Ev, Connor asked me for your number. Is it ok if I give it to him?]

I was about to type yes, quickly until I read the next message. Seven minutes later, Zoe said:

Zoe: [Connor stole my phone and took your number.. I hope that's ok.]

Ohh so Connor must be the unknown number then. Okay. I typed back to Zoe:

Me: [It's ok lol]

Wow I don't say lol. But without it, my text seems weird. Oh well. Sent.

Zoe: [Ok good! ;)]

A winky face? Hm. Ok then. I decided to go check, who I assumed was Connor's messages.

Unknown: [Evan I want to talk to you]

Unknown: [Shit..that sounded creepy......]

I laughed quietly, as to not wake the people in the house. There were no people in the house. I'm weird.

Unknown: [This is Connor. Zoe's older brother lil]

Unknown: [*lol]

Ok it is Connor. I added his name to my contacts. Now when I scrolled down to the C names, I could see Connor's name. That was so cool!


hoLy mCshiZzle that was in all caps... oH no he was typing! Now he probably thinks I'm crazy. This sucks. The gray bubble went away. He stopped.

My missed call from mom was from about twelve minutes ago. I called her back.

"Hello? Honey, are you okay? You didn't answer earlier."

"I'm fine, mom," I said.

"Okay I was just letting you know I went to a meeting at work. I might be getting paid more. We'll see," she said. It was a tad muffled because she was probably multitasking, too.

"Okay..." There was a long silence. It was so weird.

"Well I'm also going to the store when we're done in here," she said, still unclear.


"Um... well I gotta go, Ev. Just wanted to tell you. I love you, honey."

"Love you too, mom." And with that, she hung up.

I was getting another call.

Jared Kleinman calling, Jared Kleinman calling.

I let it ring so he would hopefully think I'm asleep and not call again. I felt bad though.


Ok this was like half of my usual chapter sooo great. 456.

Ha this was literally just Evan sitting on his phone....hehe...

Anyway, I'll see y'all in the next chapter :)


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