Quick Set Up

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Long time no see! 

I'm obviously working on a DEH fanfic and here are the characters. BY THE WAY, this character  thing is just a thing for the story and I'm not trying to make the characters unlike the actual characters. Thank you.

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Evan Hansen

- 17 years old, senior

- Bi

- Hella anxious and kinda depressed

- Likes trees

- And Connor

- Jared is his only real friend

- His mom isn't.. :/

Jared Kleinman

- 17 years old, senior

- Straight (maybe asexual?)

- Insecure af but pretends he's cool.. heh

- Likes talking and pretending he has friends

- Actually doesn't have any except Evan

- Reliable with the ladiess

- Where are his parents??

Connor Murphy

- 17 years old, senior

- Bi, shy, and ready to die (literally..)

- Extremely depressed

- Doesn't talk to anyone

- Does drugs. Doesn't do homework.

- Likes Evan but kinda won't tell anyone

- Likes literally no one else

Zoe Murphy

- 16 years old, junior

- Straight

- Popular and happy

- Likes Evan

- Doesn't like her brother

- Likes jazz not all jazz, like jazz band jazz?

- Likes to sing as well (and is really good)

Alana Beck

- 17 years old, senior

- Straightish?

- Likes school

- And talking

- Knows how it feels to be alone

- Has a lot of close acquaintances

- No friends..

Heidi Hansen

- Let's say 42 years old

- Straight

- Nurse ‍at the hospital

- Trying her goshdarn best

- Wants a better relationship with her son

- Nervous for Evan

- Evan is the best thing to happen to her

Cynthia Murphy

- Let's say 44 years old

- Straight

- Hella rich

- Tries new things way too often

- Pretty carefree with her babychildz

- Argues with Larry a lot

- Emotional as all hecc

Larry Murphy

- Let's say 49

- Straight

- Hella rich as well

- Emotionally dead

- Argues with lil miss Cynthia a lot

- Doesn't like Connor

- Likes baseball gloves and breaking them in


And yeah

That's that. 

See ya in the next chapter!



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