Chapter III

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Smol Connor Murphy ;)

   Heidi held the phone for a second, infuriated for some reason, because her son's relationship with his own mother was so po- no. Her relationship with her own son was so poor. She didn't want to blame Evan, or really make it seem like she was.

   "Hi, Jared, this is Heidi. Ah, Evan isn't home at the moment-"

   "Oh.." Jared said. Heidi heard him whisper, "Shit."

   "If you want, I can take a message. When he gets back I'll tell him you called."

   "Oh uh I was just wondering what the English homework was. I forgot to turn it in. Silly me," he said, trying to make sure Heidi hadn't heard the stuff he had said just a minute or so ago. He knew Heidi because of his mom and he knew she and Evan weren't close. He didn't want to make her feel bad.

   Heidi hung up after telling him to say hi to his mom and then she called for Evan. "Evan? I want to talk to you," she said on a tone that didn't make her sound angry.

   EVAN'S POV (ooh!)

   "Coming," I said, loud enough that she could hear.

   I walked into our dimly lit living room. My mom sat on the couch, watching me as I entered. "Uh hi."

   Hi? Really?

   "Hi.. Evan. Um so how's school going?"

   "Uh good. It's um good."

   "Good. That's good," she said, then she paused. "And what about the people? You got some friends? People you don't or, I don't know, do like?"

   My friends are... Well, not real. I only have Jared. Oh and Zoe! The nice girl from the library, who is Connor's sister.

   "Um I know Jared. And this girl Zoe I met at the computer lab."

   "Oh that's great," she said. "Now, ah, do you like like anyone, maybe?" She asked me carefully. Not carefully or subtly enough.

   I got nervous because the truth was I didn't really know. Did I like Connor? Yes. Did I like Zoe? Well, I don't think so..? Did I want to tell my mother any of this? Hell no.

   My pulse was rushing. My head was reeling. My face was flushing. I began to breathe louder and harder as if I had just completed a run. I looked down, afraid my mom would ask again if I looked up, still paying attention.

   "Ev?" I heard, but it was muffled a bit. I got really hot all of a sudden.

   "Evan, honey? Look at me," my mom said in that tone like oops I messed up and I'm so sorry.

   I feel absolutely terrible when she sounds like that. It's my fault for being like this. I can't even talk to my mom. It's stupid. I'm stupid.


   "Evan, you are really warm right now. And you seem a little out of it. Are you alright?"

   "Mhm," I said.

   "Okay," she sighed. "I'm sorry. This was my faul- I think I should have been more careful and.." she stopped. She looked into my eyes and took my hand, squeezed it tightly and said, "I don't even know. I'm sorry. But I'm here if you need. Anytime, and if I'm at work, the number is on the fridge, okay?"

   I relaxed a bit. "Yeah."

   "I love you, Evan."

   "Love you too, mo-"

   Rrring. Rrring. "Sorry, it's probably Karen. She said she was sick and might have to stay home. I'm the only other nurse who can work nights, who isn't already there. I'll be back later tonight. Okay?"


   She walked off, talking to who I assume was Karen. Then my phone started buzzing. I grabbed it off of the table ad unplugged the charger. Ah it was so warm from charging so I held it for a quick moment before seeing Zoe's name on the bright screen.

   I answered with, "Ahoy." What the hell, Evan?

   "Evan? Hi!" Zoe giggled. "Er.. Ahoy."

   "Uh what's up?"

   "I was wondering if you wanna come over to my place toni-ight." She held the i in tonight like she was multitasking.

   "Um sure," I replied nervously. I heard the front door close with a faint "Bye honey! I'll be home in a few hours!"

   "Oh okay great! I- Mom, Connor finished the milk!" Zoe screamed. I couldn't help but chuckle quietly.

   "What?" I asked.

   "Oh my brother ah finished the milk and.. Well yeah."

   I chuckled again. "Okay."

   "Ooh you'll probably need my address," Zoe said as it popped into her mind. "It's 239 W 45th St." (y'all look that up. idk.)

   "Okay I'll be there in a few minutes. It's only up the road," I noticed.

   "Great! I'll see you then! Bye, Ev!"




   When Evan arrived at his new friend' house, he noted how large it was. It had two -- or was that three? -- floors and it looked very Victorian, from outside. He knocked on the door and it was opened by a girl about three inches shorter than himself, in a floral printed dress. "Hi! That was quick."

   "Yeah I only live over up there," Evan pointed out. Literally.

   "You can come in. And you can just leave your shoes and jacket over here."

   "Thanks," he said. He entered the house and immediately, his nose was struck with the smell of what wanted to be lasagna. Maybe vegan lasagna? He looked at the pictures on the wall in the hallway as he followed Zoe up the stairs. He saw a family standing in front of the Mickey Mouse statue at Disneyland from a few years ago. Then he saw a young girl holding a Girl Scout certificate proudly. Next, he saw a boy who looked to be about six years old, and he was holding a tooth while showing off the empty space in his mouth. Smol Connor Murphy.

   Evan let out an audible, "Aww." Zoe looked back and smiled. Evan smiled back as they headed into Zoe's room.


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