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Tree Bros One Shots by IgnoranceIsPiss
Tree Bros One Shotsby IgnoranceIsPiss
Just some one shots. They don't all take place in the same time frame or even universe, so not all of them will go together or be connected. Some might.
Stopping Time by DaytimeTerrors
Stopping Timeby DaytimeTerrors
Everyone is born with a timer on their wrist, counting down to the exact time they'll meet their soulmate. Connor Murphy doesn't believe in soulmates. Or rather, that he...
Why did you-? (Tree Bros) by MICHAMAKESANENTRANCE
Why did you-? (Tree Bros)by MICHAMAKESANENTRANCE
"You wrote this because you knew I'd find it." I chew at my lip. "You knew I'd find it and freak out." Before I know it he's storming out. After sch...
-Reaching Out-(Treebros) by CravingCraze
-Reaching Out-(Treebros)by Craze
Cover by @LapidotFreak Connor has been through some rough shit; his parents think he's always high, they always take Zoey's side, and he's never taken seriously. But to...
Step Into the Sun ||Treebros|| by pandanekolove
Step Into the Sun ||Treebros||by miss u deerly
Connor is an interesting guy. No friends, and everyone basically hates him. One day, he meets someone who will change his life. AU where Connors not dead I don't own th...
Be More Hansen{COMPLETED} by SincerelyNirvana
Be More Hansen{COMPLETED}by Amy Y
A dear Evan Hansen step brother AU Will include the following ships: RAKE(Rich and Jake) Treebros(Connor and Evan) BOYF RIENDS(Michael and Jeremy) ZOLANA(Zoey and Alana)
The Worst Of Me(Treebros) by WingsOfFireIsAwesome
The Worst Of Me(Treebros)by shut up and stab me
Wrong Number | Dear Evan Hansen | Treebros by LilaBookish
Wrong Number | Dear Evan Hansen | Lila
Evan get's a high text from an unknown number, and after talking a while he wonders if the person on the other end isn't so unknown after all. Treebros / EvanxConner...
Treebros smutty one-shots by toshh0
Treebros smutty one-shotsby MusicalTrash.jpg
Some good ol' Conner and Evan smut! 13+ hehe
treebros oneshots by ironic_isnt_it
treebros oneshotsby pasta salad’s bitch
yes i realize that connor is dead you don't have to rub it in (highest rank: #2 in dearevanhansen)
Deh And Bmc one shots by AliviaMore
Deh And Bmc one shotsby connor simp
idk just some fluff and smut
* NEW CAPTION * THIS BOOK LITERALLY SUCKS LMAO STOP READING IT U WERIDOS im kidding I love u thanks ~~~~~~~~~ This will be a Connor Murphy x Evan Hansen book! All chara...
but not because we're gay//treebros by ironic_isnt_it
but not because we're gay//treebrosby pasta salad’s bitch
Dear Evan Hansen. Today is going to be an amazing day and here's why.
BMC and DEH one shots by signednicoxox
BMC and DEH one shotsby 🖤nico🖤
Mostly Boyf Riends and Tree Bros (Most of the Tree Bros fics come in later, since it took me a while to better grasp the characters). Theres a few other ships too, like...
Tree Bros & Boyf Riends One Shots by Makattack1984
Tree Bros & Boyf Riends One Shotsby 🌹Rose🌹
Evan Hansen X Connor Murphy, along with Jeremy Heere X Michael Mell. If you message me, I'll gladly do Jared X Evan! #24 in fan fiction (12/24) #1 in One Shots The story...
Dear Brother: A Dear Evan Hansen x Be More Chill Stepbrothers AU by Gpuppylover7
Dear Brother: A Dear Evan Hansen Gpuppylover
So I found this AU and I kinda fell in love... so I decided to write about it. It takes place after BMC, but when DEH would start. It includes ships like: Treebros, Boyf...
holy | dear evan hansen by bildungsromans
holy | dear evan hansenby bildungsromans
in which connor loves the idea of death, but evan loves the idea of connor. tw; self harm, depression, suicide, anxiety, drugs; list will be updated as necessary
Friends with the Babysitter (a Dear Evan Hansen Fanfic) by hamilfan123987
Friends with the Babysitter (a hamilfan123987
Connor's mother hires a companion--no not THAT kind of companion--like a friend, for him. Of course that friend is everyone's favorite Evan Hansen, the shy, quiet, anxio...
All We See Is Sky ~ Treebros (DEH) by AllieIsHamiltrash
All We See Is Sky ~ Treebros (DEH)by Certified Musical Trash
Highest rankings- #251 in Fanfiction (6/14/17) #276 in Fanfiction (7/5/17) #291 in Fanfiction (8/27/17) Finished on 8/27/17 Connor Murphy's family never takes him serio...
Unlikely Lovers by LonelyArtist01
Unlikely Loversby LonelyArtist01
Alright I know everyone loves the "If Connor Murphy never died" storyline but this is my take on it and I'm honestly I'm love with it. Sorry for references thr...