Chapter XVI

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Let me ask you for some free advice

Alana had never really thought about sexuality, nor had she seriously talked about it with anyone. Although she was very smart and outgoing, she had never really known someone to be her true friend. Until now. Zoe and Alana had a sleepover a few days ago and when Alana asked if she could borrow pajamas, Zoe replied, "Of course. You're like one of my best friends."

Alana had also become closer to Evan, who was practically Alana's opposite, personality-wise. She met him in the hallway one day. She gave him her number and they started hanging out at breaks and lunches. She confided in Evan about everything from Zoe to what she wanted to major in when she got to college.

She had been feeling feelings she didn't even know about, recently. She had experienced friendship, calmness, maybe a crush(?), and genuine joy that wasn't from getting over a 4.0 GPA. It made her squeal whenever she felt down or alone because she knew that she had people to help her get back up again.

Recently, Evan had spilled to Alana practically everything in his life up until this point, therefore she knew that Zoe had outed him but his parents were okay with it. If Evan Hansen, a quiet kid who no one really knows can do that, I, Alana Beck, the outgoing and very academic girl, can do it too, Alana thought.

This made Alana more confident. She decided to grab her phone that was in a shiny purple case. She navigated to her and Evan's snapchat conversation.

Alana: Hey Ev can I ask you for some advice?

She received a notification that Evan was typing almost immediately. It took a few more minutes before she got an actual reply.


I don't really get snapchats all that often. I only have three people that I know and talk to on it: Alana, Zoe, and Jared. Connor doesn't have one. Otherwise, I'd still only have four people.

Ok. Now I'll actually read the message.

Alana: Hey Ev can I ask you for some advice?

I read the message no less than five times before thinking of a response. Alana asked me, specifically. She wants my advice on something. What do I say?

I typed carefully, as to not misspell anything. Alana likes to tell you that kind of stuff. Also I'm just nervous. Yep. There's a sweaty fingerprint on the W key.

Evan: Wait, is this some way of telling me you like someone? Or is this more of a sudden crisis?

Alana: Yes

Evan: Okay so who is it?

Alana: Wdym?

Evan: I mean who is the person you likr?

Evan: *like


I knew Zoe liked Evan. I wasn't sure how weird this could be..or how weird it might get.

Alana: Um

Alana: Zoe

Evan typed for almost five whole minutes. Or at least that's what it felt like. Nope. Opened 2m ago.

Finally I noticed the little blue box indicating a chat from Evan, one of my closest acqu- friends. One of my friends.

Evan: Oh

I tensed for a moment while his Bitmoji popped up and down as he typed once more.

Evan: Cool. I'm not good with people stuff, let alone their personal lives and all that jazz, but I'm going to try. Your my friend. That's what a friend does for another.

Alana: you're*

Evan: Yeah, yeah

I sent a smile, then set my phone down. I looked around my room, searching and scanning for answers in every picture or piece of furniture or electronic. I failed.

Zoe was straight like a ruler, except for her wavy hair and always-smiling mouth...


Hi guys! I just saw Hamilton, Mean Girls, and Chicago in New York. Also Barrett Wilbert Weed is Janis is Mean Girls which I didn't know until I heard her sing. I screeched when it ended and my mom was like "it's not that big of a deal," so that's how my spring break went.

Ok so I wrote that I would come up with random fanfic recommendations for y'all. I think I'll just leave an external link so you can find it, I suppose.

Fanfic Rec #1:

Inhaler Boy and the sequel, Single Boy, by ninjentsie.

Inhaler Boy is a Jeffmads (Hamilton) high school AU. It's basically about Jemmy and Thomas and how their relationship comes together, falls apart, and reconnects. It was the first thing I ever read on Wattpad and I really loved it, so you should give it a try.

(if you can't find the external -->

Thank you so much for reading my fanfiction! I am also going to publish a Lams fic soon, so check that out, if I ever get around to it. :)


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