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A Little Bit Of Light | Dear Evan Hansen - COMPLETED by philocalic
A Little Bit Of Light | Dear Eliza
COMPLETED: Connor Murphy; the 'emo kid' with depression. Evan Hansen; the 'treeboi' with social anxiety - the two losers of the school. A failed suicide attempt, disguis...
STAGE DOOR, j. bassett by lhchoxo
STAGE DOOR, j. bassettby Z
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 𝐣𝐨𝐬𝐡𝐮𝐚 𝐛𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐭𝐭 " 𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐢𝐠𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 " josh x fem!oc !! i created this story before an...
If I Could Tell Him by itsyrgrl
If I Could Tell Himby zz💙
!COMPLETED! Evan and Connor have been crushing on each other for years. Both are too nervous to tell the other how they feel, which leads to a lot of confusion for the t...
Jump (Dear Evan Hansen) by TayTayBroadway
Jump (Dear Evan Hansen)by Trees🌳
What if Evan accidentally saved Connor? Highest Rank : 110 in Fanfiction
~Weird~   Connor Murphy x Reader (DEH)[COMPLETE] by jxllycee
~Weird~ Connor Murphy x Reader ( cas
Unlike the majority of weird things that happened to me, I'm glad you happened, because I was able to find someone who listened. Cared. Understood, no matter how weird s...
Printer Boy (Connor Murphy x Fem!Reader) by Vale_Moone
Printer Boy (Connor Murphy x Fem! Vale Moone
In which Connor Murphy lets Y/n L/n melt his heart of ice. "You're printer boy, aren't you?" "Shut the fuck up"
His Cure (Connor Murphy x reader) [FINISHED] [EDITED] by That1fandomfreak
His Cure (Connor Murphy x reader) Dee Dee
For those who are fans of the musical 'Dear Evan Hansen' and also has a crush on one of the charcters Connor Murphy and wanna read a fanfic between you two well here ya...
Stuck Together (Connor Murphy x reader) by TonijnPonijn
Stuck Together (Connor Murphy x TonijnPonijn
Going on a ski trip with your best friend, Zoe Murphy, seemed like an amazing idea. But what will happen when her and her parents get stuck in a snowstorm and you have t...
Stopping Time by DaytimeTerrors
Stopping Timeby DaytimeTerrors
Everyone is born with a timer on their wrist, counting down to the exact time they'll meet their soulmate. Connor Murphy doesn't believe in soulmates. Or rather, that he...
It Will Be Alright -- Treebros  by ICaNtPiCKAFaNDOm
It Will Be Alright -- Treebros by Towel
Evan Hansen was born with a sixth sense that caused him to be able to feel anyone else's emotions. As he grew up, it was relevant and constantly used, considering he wa...
Step Into the Sun ||Treebros|| by pandanekolove
Step Into the Sun ||Treebros||by miss u deerly
Connor is an interesting guy. No friends, and everyone basically hates him. One day, he meets someone who will change his life. AU where Connors not dead I don't own th...
Parks, Frogs, Printers, and Calculus by Sunshine_Duck
Parks, Frogs, Printers, and Ducks
Alex and Connor became friends in time out when in 2nd grade. By senior year, Alex was in jazz band and had a 3.9 GPA. Connor on the other hand, put the high in school a...
my pretty | riff (wss) by loveqsersi
my pretty | riff (wss)by sol
"who knew the disappointment of the city charmed the city's sweetheart." Growing up in the streets of New York, Rebecca is ready for change. After being told...
Friends with the Babysitter (a Dear Evan Hansen Fanfic) by hamilfan123987
Friends with the Babysitter (a hamilfan123987
Connor's mother hires a companion--no not THAT kind of companion--like a friend, for him. Of course that friend is everyone's favorite Evan Hansen, the shy, quiet, anxio...
Tall Insomniacs.- (Connor Murphy X  reader) by YoGirlie-
Tall Insomniacs.- (Connor Murphy super slüt
WARNINGS: mental heath issues, cussing.
Tree Bros & Boyf Riends One Shots by Makattack1984
Tree Bros & Boyf Riends One Shotsby 🌹Rose🌹
Evan Hansen X Connor Murphy, along with Jeremy Heere X Michael Mell. If you message me, I'll gladly do Jared X Evan! #24 in fan fiction (12/24) #1 in One Shots The story...
Dear Brother: A Dear Evan Hansen x Be More Chill Stepbrothers AU by Gpuppylover7
Dear Brother: A Dear Evan Hansen Gpuppylover
So I found this AU and I kinda fell in love... so I decided to write about it. It takes place after BMC, but when DEH would start. It includes ships like: Treebros, Boyf...
Musicals, musicals everywhere! by 666LadyInRed
Musicals, musicals everywhere!by 666LadyInRed
Musical memes!!! I don't own the memes.
Ski Trip (Connor Murphy X Reader) by JDWritesImpulsively
Ski Trip (Connor Murphy X Reader)by Call me JD!
Y/n is the daughter of one of Larry Murphy's business partners, and went on the yearly ski trip along with her father. Her father was close friends with Larry, too, so t...
Connor Murphy X reader oneshots by Hollywritesshit
Connor Murphy X reader oneshotsby Hollywritesshit
I've decided that there aren't enough Connor Murphy X readers. So I've decided to do a book of short images and oneshots because I can't decide on one idea I like the mo...