Chapter 20 - War

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3rd Person's P.O.V

"Your father's nam is Gol D. Roger!" Sengoku spoke. The world froze as well as the man kneeling on the ground with the handcuffs known as Portgas D. Ace or Gol D. Ace.

Everyone went silent, it was normal. No one would expect that the Pirate King had a son. And no one would imagine that Pirate king's biological song was the son of the great Whitebeard! One of the four emperors also known as the strongest man alive.
Talking about him, he and the rest of his sons decided to appear! It was expected, of course Whitebeard would not let his own and precious son die just like that.

The water started trembling and everyone's attention was turned to it. Soon after you could clearly see a huge ship coming out the water.

Yes it was Moby Dick! Along with three other ships which looked similar.

Silence. That's the only thing that could be heard......
...or not!

Whitebeard's footsteps could be heard all over the place until everyone could see him.

"How many decades since we last met, Sengoku?" He said

"Whitebeard" he was left speechless.

"I take it my beloved son,is still doing well" He shouted.

'How did he get in here so easily' Sengoku thought to himslef

Your P.O.V

I was terrified and excited at the same time! I was excited because we would be able to take Ace back, I felt so relieved when I saw that he was doing 'well'. I couldn't look him in the eyes though, not after what I said that night. I was also terrified, it was normal, I had never been in a war before! Even though I am with the whitebeard pirates for two years now, that means nothing to me! But at the moment it didn't matter so much to me, I only wanted my boyfriend back!

I had spaced out for good, since I didn't even realize that everyone had left the ship and were fighting with a bunch of marines down there.
Before I could even make a move I saw Oars.
Yes! Now we're saved as well as Ace. Oars was hurt by the sichibukais but still tried to get Ace put of that place. His band was so close to him! My lips curved into a smile believing that everything would be done in a few seconds.

But then....Miriam made his move. Be took Oars' soul out of his body.

"Shit..." I mumbled. There was no time to space time anymore. I ran out of the ship and jumped to land in the ground. I started running with as much speed I had. I really didn't feel well, like I wasn't even able to walk but I ignored that and kept on running. Many marines approached me with knives guns and stuff. I didn't have time to fight them, I just used my powers to freeze the ground and them along with it. I kept on running, but then stopped.

"What the....?"

People, were falling.

From the SKY? With a ship following.

What the actual hell.

But wait. It wasn't some random people


"ACEEE" Luffy shouted

"LUFFY" Ace shouted back
(Spongebooob ....ok sorry)

"Ace! We're all here to save you" Luffy shouted. I was left speechless...
What the hell did just happen?

I had spaced out again that a guy, marine, was right behind, ready to smack my head without me even noticing.

"Y/n"Jozu shouteed as he came closer to me and used his his foot to kicked that ,arine  on the face "Thank you" I said "Dont mention it, are you okay?" he asked me as he place he right hand on my left shoulder and I nodded "Come on we dont have time to lose"

Time passed by fast. A lot happened. I saw my family dying in front of my eyes. So many had lost their life in order to save one. Luffy. Well, Luffy was the centre. Firstly because Sengoku revealed his father, the one and only Dragon! But there is much more.

He is a user of the conqueror's haki.

Holy f*ck.

And then Me.
Well,I felt completely useless at the time. I felt so weak. So difficult to ran but I didn't stop. I didn't know why I was so weak though.

My body was weak as well as my mind. Why? My family was dying in front of me and I wasn't doing anything.
But then one even brought the my smile back.

Luffy was on the platform with Ace! It was so close, Ace would he free again-


Exploded. They exploded. Ace is gone.

Hehe just kidding

Flames could be seen! Ace is back!

"ACE!" I shouted waiting for him to appear. And as expected he did, with Luffy. They fought against a bunch of marines together. Their power together was incredible. After the fight between them and the marines they were free from any flight for few seconds so I grabbed the chance and ran to Ace.

I jumped in his arms. For my surprise he hugged me back and tears formed in my eyes. "Ace...I'm so so sorry! Please forgive me I didn't mean anything of what I said-" he cut me off before I could finish my sentence and explosion was heard again.

"Hurry up all of you! Let's go back at the Moby Dick"

Ace let go of me and we ran to the ship.



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