Chapter 26 - They're so alike

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Your P.O.V

Rye: 10 months old

I opened my eyes and imidietly the sun hit them, so i closed my eyes again since I couldn't stand this sudden lighting coming straight to my face just when I open my eyes. You know what I can't stand either.

Waking up at 8:00 in the goddamn morning. I'm defenectly not a morning person. Unlike Rye.

-Can't you understand that not everyone likes to wake up at this hour?

I couldn't do something to avoid this. I should have got used to it though. It's been ten months now. But still I haven't got used it. I still hate morning and I will always do. I put on all my effort and got up from the bed but felt dizzy right after because of the sudden movement.

I walked to the crib were Rye was lying. He was just rubbing his eyes with his small hands. I watched him rubbing them and then held him on my arms. This little guy is already ten months old. He was just taking his first steps and trying to speak properly. Well not happening until he's one year and a half at least. That's what mom told me.

I laid on my bed with him in my arms. I wouldn't sleep though, Not that I didn't want to but this little guy wouldn't let me. I laid there while holding him and cuddling with him and thinking.

It's impressive how fast he grew up. I still remember when he was a new born, he didn't even open his eyes most of the time. That changed as the moths passed. Now he is always so full of energy.

But yeah, it's impressive how time can fly like that. I didn't even realize when it when ten months had passed already. Ten months since I welcomed this little fella to the world. And almost two years since his father died. Also my two years since I lost my family and found a new one.

I wonder what the others have been doing. Whitebeard pirates. From what I've heard they fought with Teach, again. Wow, they couldn't do something more stupid. And Joanna. Bow about her? What happened to her after Ace died? Luffy?

Did they miss me? Or worry about me? Probably.

I snapped out of my thoughts as Rye hit my chest playfully meaning he needed to eat. I looked at his eyes and smiled. This guy was reminding me so much of Ace. His dark eyes, the black her, light skin tone, not to talk about his adorable freckles. He's got his smile too. It's like Ace....
....without abs(sry I had to #sorrynotsorry)

Even though I was trying to forget or at least get over Ace I couldn't with Rye being my son didn't help at all. Even his first word was Papa.

I was heading to the kitchen where mom was so I could help her with cooking
Mom - look at him he is following you everywhere.
Me - Yeah, you know as the time passes he keeps on looking and acting more like Ace. He used to follow me a lot. For another reason but yeah...
I took Rye in my hands and held him close.
"What is that now are trying to remind me of Papa more and more?" I joked.
"Papa?" He said "wait did you just- say it again sweetheart"
"Papa! Papa! Papa!"

So that's how it happened. It took him about ten days more to say mama but it's okay. It was cute.

I got up and went to the bathroom so I could clean him. After finishing I dressed up and made the bed. I headed downstairs to do find my mom there.

I sat down and started feeding Rye (not breastfeeding. Just wanted to clear that out)
But mom started a conversation about do something that I didn't really want to talk about.

"So, won't go and find the others. They must be worried" asked me "No"
"I said no Mom! Let them think I'm dead"
"Why would they think that?"
"Propably they might be thinking I commuted suicide or somwtji g after Ace's death or somethi g like that. So let it be like that"
"Why? Don't you want to see them? They're your family at one point"
"Look Mom. The whole world probably thinks that I'm dead and it's better this way. The world thinks that the Gol D. bloodline is no longer alive. Rye is the grandson of Gol D. Roger. If they find out he will be in a great danger"
"I know. But you can't keep this secret forever and you know that too. Also I do t want you to feel bad but I have one more daughter and I want to see her too"
"We're twins can't you just act like I'm Joanna when you miss her?" I joked.
"It might have worked out if you were identical twins"
We laughed.
"Mom I promise you I will bring her to you. But not now. I'm not say g it will take like five years or something. I'll bring her when the time is right
"And when do you think that time will come?"
"When Luffy will return back. I have no other choice after all. I promised to Ace that I will look after him. So I want to make sure he is alright. And when I leave I will go to d Joanna too. I promise"

End is near.....
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