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Heyyyyy so here are some things I wanted my precious readers to know about this story.

1) Devil Fruit

During this 'journey' do writing Loving Touches I realized how stupid of me was to give Y/n a devil fruit like that.
Later on I realized I realized that Mizu Mizu no mi it's an impossible fruit to exist. So I found a solution to this. The fruit could be paramecia. Y/n's body doesn't have to be made out of water.
Plus I realized it was useless since Y/n wasn't using it at all.
My plan was to make her a powerful character...yeah ain't happening

2) Sister
Why is there a sister? Some time ago there was a story published in such the main character was Joanna and her life with Law. Basically a Law fanfiction. But I deleted it. Why?
This story's plot had changed. The actual plot was Ace and Y/n meet in Dressrosa. Which was something I wasn't proud of. Then chapter 909 (manga) was published and Marco appeared so I got to write what I really wanted to.
I deleted the story because these two stories are connected and since I changed the plot I would have to edit, add, and change chapters.

3) Wedding

Nothing about wedding was mentioned here and there is a reason for that. This is an Ace x reader ff. There are people who are against the idea of marriage so I thought this was since it's an x reader ff

4) Tattoo

I had an Idea a long ago. I wanted the reader to have a tattoo. Whitebeard's symbol. But the one Marco had. It would be right under the breasts.
Just as I said before it's an x reader ff and not everyone likes tattoos

5) Next Stories

Next will be a Jungkook Ff.
And if you want to know about my future ff:
Jeon Jungkook
Chūya Nakahara
Trafalgar Law
Min YoonGi
Park JiMin
Kim Taehyung
Shouto Todoroki
Zelo or BamBam

And maybe others we'll see.

Also I've got another book published.
Save her from the dark (Levi x reader)
It's completed.

I hope you like this book.
Thank you very much

- Saakurako 🌸🌸🌸

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