Chapter 14 - He escaped

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Your POV

~2 years later~

(y/n) & Joanna - 19 years old Ace - 20 years old Law - 24, Luffy - 17 etc

I felt someone pushing me off the bed, of course, the shitty pineapple-bird "what the hell Marco?" i shouted "Jeez, (y/n) you should sleep earlier at night" he said "No its not that, I'm just not a morning person so--"

"its afternoon" he cut me off, i looked at him for some seconds and then said " why did you wake me?"

"Thatchie is back from his mission" he said pushing me a little bit "and.....?" i asked waiting for a better reason "thats all" he said "AND THATS WHY YOU WOKE ME, I'VE BEEN LIVING WITH YOU AND HIM AND EVERYONE FOR 2 YEARS, WHY THE FUCK WOULD I MISS THATCH BECAUSE HE WAS AWAY FOR 3 DAYS"

"calm down, i just wanted to tease you"Marco said "Fuck you" i mumbled "just get up"

Sort after i dressed up and walked out to meet Thatch. After i greeted everyone Thatch showed something to us.

3rd person P.O.V
The Whitebeard seemed to have great time, they were talking about everything while the male named Thatch was talking about the adventures he had on his mission, ubt
Thatch - Oi Ace look at this
Ace - Huh? Isn't that a devil fruit
Thatch - yes, but I dont know what kind of devil fruit it is.

They all seemed to be impressed by Thatch's surprise, even Teach, but he had a devilish smirk placed on his face.

Your P.O.V

I was kind of shocked when Thatchie showed us the devil fruit, I got to find what kind of devil fruit it is, but I think I've seen it once in a book, which was about devil fruits.

~Night time~

Ace - Babe, why arent you sleeping, its late.
Me - I have a headache Ace, I'm not feeling well.
Ace - Do you want something to eat?
Me - No, I'm not hungry
Ace - then come to bed, you'll maybe feel better if you get some sleep.
Me - yeah, you're right, but Ace ?
Ace - yeah? 
Me - I dont know why but I have a weird feeling today.
Ace - what feeling?
Me - A bad one! I feel like something bad is about to happen.
Ace - Come on babe, its just your imagination, everything's going to be fine, now come to bed and sleep
Me - ok.


03:00 am

I woke up and took a look around, I noticed the clock. 03:04 am. I woke up because of this bad feeling I had, I really could sleep, so I decided to go out on the deck and take some fresh air .

I was about to get out when I heard a scream, a man shouted "W-what? T-teach???" Or something like that. That voice was pretty familiar. It was Thatch. I was kind of scared, so I decided to stay inside.

I was so curious about what happened, and also worried about Thatch. After 3 minutes i decided to break my silence and come out.

But when I did I regretted everything. I saw Thatch laying on the ground, with blood. And beside him was Teach, holding a knife on his left hand. And on his right.... The devil fruit Thatchie had found "T-teach?" I asked nervously "Yes, princess?" He said smiling "W-wha...." I started, but shuttered "What....WHAT DID YOU DO?" I shouted.

"What do you think I did?" He asked ironically "how dare you?"

"Huh.." He chuckled "simple, that bastard had found the devil frit I was looking for, my whole life"

"Teach...I swear to god, I'm gonna kill you"

"I don't think so, its pretty late so you better take a nap" he said and before I could react he punched and I fell on the ground. I vision went blur but I could still see him running away. 'No (y/n) you won't faint now, you gotta capture him' I thought to myself. I managed to get up and run as fast as I could.

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