Chapter 25 - Newborn

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Your P.O.V

4th month of my pregnancy. The baby kicked. It was literally one of the best feelings I have ever felt. I felt the baby inside me moving, I felt it alive. The feeling of carrying a baby was awesome. It's been six months now.
I was already eight months pregnant. I had the fear of early birth. But so far nothing happened.
Until now.

It was the middle of the night when
I felt a sudden pain in my lower
stomach. I never felt this much
pain in my life. It lasted for about
fifteen seconds, but it seemed to be
the longest fifteen seconds of my

After the pain calmed down,
I stood up immediately. I knew
that this was bad. Fear started
to slowly creep into my heart. What
if I got into labor, now? This is dangerous.

It didn't even pass one hours
and I woke up once again, because
of the same pain I had some time ago. This time it seemed to get

So I decided to go to my mom, and ask her about this, I was sure she would know.
But the moment I stood up, I felt a gush
of water between my legs. My eyes
widened in shock as i looked between my legs.

"Oh nonono this is bad" I freaked out.

I walked out of the door and with all my might I made it to mom's room. I opened the door without knocking "Mom!" I cried out, she woke up "What's wrong" she asked me "Mom, my water broke, I'm scared, mom"

"Okay, okay. Try to calm down. Im
gonna go and grab the doctor, okay?
Just stay here and try to slow your
breathing. Just think positive.
Everything is going to be alright." She
told me as she placed her hand
on my shoulder. She left the room and after ten minutes she came back with the doctor. She tried to calm me down as the doctor prepared everything for the birth.

"Okay Y/n you are ready to push"

Pushing with all my might, I started to remember all those moments the two of us had spent together. I continued to push, with very short breaks in between one push and another. I felt tears streaming down my cheeks because of the pain and the roller coaster of emotions I was going through that moment. I wanted him to be with me, but he wasn't.

The baby was born. But.

It wasn't crying. It was supposed to be crying. Right? What happened. Shit. If anything happened to that baby, I wouldn't forgive myself. If this baby di..I  couldn't even say it. If anything happened I would be the one at fault. I did so many things during this pregnancy

"What happened?" I asked crying heavily "why isn't it making any sound?" They didn't reply. I had lost my hope. I wanted to kill myself. But the baby, it started crying. I smiled widely. Mom and Naila left with the baby to take care of it. I was waiting inside the room to see my baby. It was alive and healthy. I hoped.

After just a few minutes, Mom came in holding my new born baby in her hands. She handed it to me and I held it. I started to get emotional again.
"It's a boy." She announced me. I was so happy. "Hey" I said softly. I held the baby as close to me as possible. He was so tiny but he looked so much like Ace.
"You did it, sweetheart" She smiled at me."The baby is healthy." The doctor told me.

Mom came close to me and sat beside me. She started at him. "So, have you thought of a name yet?" I nodded.
It wasn't actually a name I had thought of but Ace. I remembered when Ace and I were outside on the deck late at night, hugging each other and talking about the future. We were talking about kids. He said that if he had a son he would love to name him...

"Rye" I spoke. "That's a beautiful name" Yeah it is.
"Portgas D. Rye"

"Shouldn't it be Gol D. Rye?" She joked. I shook my head "Ace wouldn't like to call him that. So his name will be Portgas D. Rye!"

I'm in tears.
Love ya
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