Chapter 15 - Hint

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Your P.O.V

"Well (Y/n), you're right about this but still...I dont think you should go" he said and I gasped "pops...please, trust me I wont put my life in danger, actually I'm trying to protect it. All of our lives!" I said "Huh" was what I heard coming out of Marco's mouth "what do you mean?" He asked "I mean, if Ace does anything stupid it may affect all of us, so thats why pops, let me go"

"Fine, you can go my child, but be careful" he finally let me go. I felt so relieved now that I know Ace will not be alone, thank god. "Thank you Pops. Well now I'll be taking my leave. Good bye guys, good bye Pops" I waved at them and they did too.

'Now I got to find where Ace went' I thought to myself. 'Thankfully I have his vivre card' I took out the piece of paper and then made my way to where it pointed.

7 hour later

I've passed many islands and for fucks sake I was so tired 'how could he go so far in one day only?? That tiny boat of his, I gotta admit it he really can move fast with that thing' I thought. I decided to sleep for today so I could look for him the next day.

I wasn't afraid if someone finds me because this island was empty, so I just lied on the ground using my bag for pillow and fell asleep. 'I really wish Ace was here 'cuz I'm freezing'


I woke up in the middle of the night, I dont really know why, even though I was tired and needed to sleep I just woke up. Someone would say it would be because of the cold. But no. When I opened my eyes I saw a fire in front of me. I pushed myself up a little, when I realized that someone was there "Ace...?"

Ace P.O.V

2 hours earlier

It was already night time, I really didnt know from where to start looking for Teach I just got from island to island asking people if they had seen him. Always the same answer. No. I decided to rest for today and stayed in an empty island. I walked for a while when I saw something on the ground. Or someone.

I took some steps closer to person and when I was close enough to see their face, I realized that I was familiar with the person. "(Y/n)...?"

'What is she doing here? Hm of course she just came to take me back home'
I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard a cough coming from her 'she might be freezing' I got up and gathered some wood so I could make fire out of it. I put it all in front of her and lighted the fire.
Her face looked relaxed, so did her body. She looked so peaceful and cute when she was asleep 'Even though that bastard got on my nerves, this woman never fails to calm me down, even when she doesn't do anything'.

I sat not to far from her and started thinking but then "Ace...?" I headed her soft voice calling my name.

Your P.O.V

"Ace...?" I said softly "why are you here" he asked without even turn to face me "I..-" I began but u was cut off "Let me guess, Pops sent you to take back. If thats the case, then (y/n) I think you should leave" He said. I got up and moved close to him, I then kneeled down and hugged him from behind "No. I'm here because I dont want to leave you alone in this journey." when I said that he turned around, when he did he grabbed me by my shoulders and placed me on his lap "(y/n) that's too dangerous for you, so you better go back"

"If it is dangerous for me, then it's dangerous for you as well. I won't leave you alone Ace. We're going after teach. Together" I said and kissed him. He kissed back, roughly. He then moved down to my neck and slowly started taking of our clothes.

'At least that way he might calm down and forget about teach. For some time'


When I woke up Ace was still sleeping. I noticed a small lake near us so I decided to wash our clothes and myself. At first it was kind of hard for me to get up and walk 'damn Ace' but i managed to do it after a while.

When I finished washing the clothes I pushed myself into the lake and relaxed feeling the fresh water on my body. I just closed my eyes, so I could relax even more.

After a while I felt soft lips on my cheek kissing me. I turned around my head so the kiss ended up on the lips. We broke the kiss and I said a 'good morning' to Ace, so he did. He then got inside the lake while he was hugging me "Did you sleep well?" I asked him "Yes, what about you"

"I did sleep well too" I said and kissed him on the cheek "Ace we should move to the next island so we can search for Teach" I told him "we will. But right now I just want to spend some time with you" he said and I nodded, well I did want this too.

~Timeskip~ (yes again cause im not going to wright about you and Ace sitting inside a lake)

After we put on our clothes we and got ready we were ready to leave. We then headed for the next island, Ace on his boat and I using my powers.

After approximately 30 minutes we arrived at the next island. It was just a small island with approximately 150 people living in there, so we just separated ways and started asking random people.

After so many unsuccessful tries I finally found a guy who maybe knew about Teach. At first I showed him a picture of Teach and asked him if he knew him but the man refused.
I then thanked him and started walking away when I heard some whisperes behind me they said 'good she didnt realize it, or the boss will kill us'.
I turned around and said :

"I heard that" His eyes widened at my words and he tried to run away but I grabbed him from his neck and pinned him on the wall "Tell me where he is" I said but no words came out of his mouth "TELL ME" I said again but this time I yelled "h-he stole a boa-" I cut him of "I dont care what he did just tell me where he is"

"He is heading to arabasta" I got what I wanted. I then started running to find Ace, when I did I told him everything and we decided to go to arabasta


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