Chapter 28 - Sisters

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Your P.O.V

"Hey" I said she turned around to face me "Y/N!" She shouted and ran to hug me. Joanna jumped in my arms and started crying on my chest "where have you been? I thought you died stupid!" She said between her sobs, I patted her head "Sorry. Let's go somewhere more private to talk. Somewhere where we can't be noticed so easily" I said.

We started walking, she kept crying as I was patting her back. We reached a dark corner where there were no people around. I asked her first. I asked her about her life, what has she done between these two past years. She told me that nothing much happened. Everything was the same.

"But where have you been Y/n?" She asked me. I sighed.

"A lot happened. When I woke up after the war and found out Ace was dead, I- let's just say I went crazy. I left the ship and went back to our hometown. I wanted to visit mom's grave and talk to her so I would calm myself down. Turns out mom is alive-"


"Yes she is. Do not interrupt Me. I stayed there since well I was pregnant-"


"I told you not to interrupt me. Yes I was pregnant. I decided to stay there so I wouldn't be in danger during my pregnancy. I  gave birth. Premature birth to a little guy. Rye. A week ago mom told me about this competition happening in the colloseum and the prize" I explained her. I asked her why she was there.

"Law and Luffy formed an alliance back in pank hazard. So now we're here to beat Dofalmingo. Luffy and I decided to take part in the competition. So now you are here I will need your help. I want you to come with me in the colloseum. But do not take part. Only in case of an emergency I will need you to go and take my place. Okay?"

It took me a while to decide. I wanted to take part in that competition too. I wanted Ace's fruit. Not that I didn't trust Luffy or Joanna I was just afraid. But in the other hand it was better this way. The fruit would be in good hands without the need for me to fight so that I wouldn't get noticed. I hoped so.

My final reply was 'yes'
"By the way Joanna. When the whole tho g with Dressrosa will end you will come with me. Back to our hometown. Mom really wants to see you and I promised her I would bring you to her"
She nodded. So everything was set.

We walked in to the colloseum were we found Luffy. I greeted him. Well at first he forgot who I was but after talking to him for like 10 minutes trying to get him to remember me he did.

Everyone was in their place. I stood there and watched from one of the openings(I mean that window) of the colloseum. Everything was good. Joanna fought. Ended up being the only one from her team. Same as Luffy.

Now the important part is about to begin.

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