Chapter 2: The Whitebeard Pirates

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"Y/n?!!!" Ace yelled, he seemed to finally recognize me after staring at me to a while.
That made me happy and I run to him to hug him highly as he returned the hug.

"Wait... You know each other?" A blonde man asked. He kind of looked like a pineapple...

"Yes" Ace and I answered at the same time as he let go of me.

"Oh, how come?" Another guy with weird haircut questioned. Seriously what is going on with this crew and their haircuts.

I hasitated for a moment before anwering "Uhm... its a long story" I said looking at the ground.
"Okay so anyway, I think you wanna learn why you're here and who we are, am I right ?" A fat toothless guy said, I nodded"

"So, long story short we spot you fighting against some weird guy, and it seemed or was not your day, you fainted so we helped you out before anything else would happen"

"Oh, thank you!" I said bowing.

"I guess you might be kind of scared, it's not everyday you're standing in front of an emperor but we will not hurt you! By the way I'm Marco"

"And I'm Thach" the dirty blond man said.
"And If I understood well from what Ace said your name is Y/n, right?"


"Hey kiddo, what were you doing fighting against this man?" Whitebeard asked me
"He insulted me for being a thief, and how low my bounty is and some sh*t like this and I got kind of mad so yeah..."

"Oh so you're a thief. Wait how low can your bounty be?"

"Its 70.000.000$"

Their eyes widened "What the...? Yeah I've seen higher bounty, but you're just a thief, that's high for you guess. Actually how old are you?" Marco asked

"17" I answered.
"Ah I see nice- Wait, seventeen? What do your parents say about this?" Another guy shorter me "Oh, my father's okay with it, actually he asked me to join his crew but I refused their all old by the way so yeah, and my mother is dead sadly"

"I see, I'm sorry about your mother, by the way in which crew does your father belong? We might have heard of him"

"He is part of the red haired pirates, his name is Shanks!"

Their jaw dropped and they were looking at me like I was a queen or something like that, well someone broke the silence when he yelled 'WHAT?' Out loud which caused me to giggle.

"GURARARARA So this kid has a child of his own? Funny, well then Y/n would you like to join my crew?"

I looked at him and then took a good look at the members of the crew before even thinking of it I said yes. Some cheered and some where still at shock.
Funny think that Marco earlier said 'it's not like you stand in front of an emperor everyday' if dad hears about this I'm going to be tied up on his ship for refusing his offer and accepting whitebeard's.

"Ah wait I found her wanted poster, oh so you have the D. In your name? But red hair doesn't have a D if I'm right"

"Yes you are but I got my name from my mother, so now I'm known as Saron D. Y/n"

"What?!" Ace spoke.

Yeah yeah do not judge the name
At least I like it, and I hope you do as well
Loveeeee you
-Saakurako 🌸
See ya in chapter 3

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