chapter 4: That day

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2 months had past since you joined the Whitebeard pirates .... Every day  was a special day.
When you first joined the Whitebeard pirates you felt like an outsider but that felling became less.
You were happy now for the first time in your life you were not alone.
You didnt regret anything you loved everything your friends- no you family ...the fresh air the smell of the sea everything was great.
But the last month you were feeling different But why? ....what was that felling is it because of something or someone? ....When you were close to Ace you had that feeling you heart started beating faster and faster .....Every day you woke up you just wanted to see that smile of his these eyes that were looking at you his cute freckles his everything .
Even if you were about to die the last thing that you wanted to see was Hus face to hear his you knew.....this ......this is love ......but- are you the only one who's feeling this?
But there was one day that was different from every other day you were feeling weird but I wasn't about Ace ...this feeling you had wasn't live but a sad feeling .... 11th July

You woke up you turned your head towards the celendar .....11th July your mood suddenly changed when you came put of the room and saw everyone and saluted them you asked pops to let you go somewhere ......

"Of course you can go everywhere you want to go (Y/n) when will you he back?"

"I guess in about 3 hours ....Arigato Oyaji"

You left and about 2-3 hours later you returned back.
You were sitting alone ...this day changed your life if this day didnt come you may had a normal life.

It was now 10 pm you were at the back of the ship you didn't speak to anyone, then someone came near you

"What's wrong with you today (Y/n)?" He said as he pulled out a cigarette .

You grabbed the cigarette and light it.

"You smoke?"

"No,...please leave me alone "

You were looking at the sea then a hand grabbed the cigarette and threw it into the sea.

you: wtf?! Ace what are you doing
Ace: since when do you smoke?
You: since today
Ace: come on dont be so aggressive ......I haven't ever seen you smoke
You: yeah ...I had stopped smoking 2 years ago ...its just when I'm stressed I need something to relax and this was perfect
Ace: you feel stressed?
You: I dont Wanna speak about it ...
Ace: let me guess its about your mother today 15 years ago she died am I right?
You: how did you know ?
Ace: I grew up with Joanna she told me about this years ago .

You: you know Ace this day chances my life forever mother died and my dad gave me to another woman to raise me when I was six years old my step mother died by the same person who killed my biological mother the person who's searching for me all this passed years you remember how we met ?

Ace: could I forget crybaby


You were alone so you worked for different people to earn money ....when you find a job at an old man's house (you had to cleane his house make dinner e.c.t) at the Goa kingdom.

But this man wasn't someone you could trust .....when you where cleaning he grabbed you're hips and pulled you closer you tried to escape but you couldnt in other words He raped you (he put you chains made from seam stone) ...... Somehow you manage to escape you ran as fast as you could while you were crying then you arrived to a mountain you thought you were safe you sat down and started crying then someone came near you it was Ace he was 15 years old the and you were 14 he asked you what happened and you explain .....then this old man arrived at the mountain Ace fought for you and protected you . He then helped you take of the chains then you thanked him and left .

*end of flashback*

You were now feeling tears coming down your cheecks

Ace: Hey what's wrong ?I know it was painfull for you and you were only 14 but he past is the past -
You: W-what did I do to deserve all this ? I've been alone Ace for so many years since i was 6 years old I've been all alone for 11 years I lost my mother my step mother my sister my father I lost my everything why ? Why me ?

Ace pulled you into a hug

"You dont deserve this and you know it but sometimes the most happy-looking people had felt the most pain for no reason .....dont think of all this now you have your sister your father have us have "

Your eyes widened at his words

Ace: now you better go and get some sleep ..
You: OK ...goodnight

Ace kissed you in the forhead "sweet dreams"

(you looked exactly like a tomatoe)

(I forgot to tell that when you were working for people a job that you got your "employer" smoked a lot and you started too but you stopped it at the 2 first months )


OK from now on I'm about to wright only for you and Ace but I had to explain your past ....

AND WHATS WRONG WITH SANJI what's the meaning of "I forgot your name .....leave now you low-class pirate" that broke my heart I hope sanji will be back

Anyways guys ......see ya in the chapter 5

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