Chapter 10 - Taskete!

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(Y/n)'s POV

I opened my eyes and my vision was completely blurry so I couldn't recognize the place where I was.
After about 5 seconds later my vision became normal so I could finally see who the hell I was, but still I didnt recognize this place.

I looked around and scanned the place, when I realized I was thrown in a jail.
I tried to get up and escape from there when the handcuffs which kept my hands locked stopped me "shit.." I murmured to myself.
Except the handcuffs I even had a collar around my neck.

"Where the fuck am i?" I questioned myself but then a woman on my left replied.
"Human shop" I turned around to face the woman who said that with wide eyes "Y-you mean? Their trying to sell me" I asked nervously

"All of us! Our end is close, miss" the woman replied, I could see the despair in her look, I didnt blame her, yeah she looked weak, she was just middle aged woman with maid uniform and nothing else.

But why did I have the same look as her? I mean, I was a pirate, not a useless one, I usually could protect myself but now, now I felt like I could do nothing, I felt like the end was actually close.

After a while I heard footsteps coming closer and closer until I could face the man from whom the footsteps came from.

"Hi, Missy, I see you're finally awake"
The man said.
"Who the hell are you? Why am I here? I going to kill you, you b-" i said as i tried to get up to attack him but he cut me off "no, no, no, if I was you I wouldn't do this, as you probably realized then handcuffs are from seaston, but you maybe wonder what's with that thing around your neck, well let me explain you" he started and showed me a little button he had in his pants "if I press this little red button, this cute accessor around your neck will explode and then nothing will be left from you"

My eyes widen at his words, I actually could do nothing, I couldnt even contact the others to came and save me. 'That was it, it looks like this is the end (y/n)' I thought to myself.

"I'm going to make a lot of money from you, Missy"

~Timeskip 1 hour later~

I saw guards coming toward me.
"Get up, its your turn" I did as they told me and walked to the path they've told me to. Normally I would do everything to escape from there, but the reason why I didnt do anything was because I already knew myself that I was gonna die with one or with the other way.

I walked toward a huge room with seats all over, the man, who I earlier learned that his name was Disco pushed and I fell on the ground.

"Ok, ok here we have one of our biggest rewards, Saron D. (Y/n)
Bounty: 70.000.000$
whitebeard pirate
We start from the prise of 70.000.000$
Look closely men this woman could make every old man happy"

"WHAT?" he told me to shut up and then slapped me, that caused me to bleed from my mouth, luckily it wasn't so much blood.

I heard people screaming numbers every time higher and suddenly I felt tears streaming down my cheeks, god I want Ace so much right now, I should have told him that I was going to Sabody.

"And the woman is your for --" Disco was cut off


"ACE!" I yelled, he was here, he was really here I felt like I was daydreaming but no he came to save me.


"TASKETE!" I shouted and and Ace nod in agreement with his smile placed on his face.

It was a matter of time until the whole place was burnt and Ace was able to take the keys for the handcuffs and the collar took them off and then ran away.

When we arrived at small park without anyone around I was able to hug him and thank him for everything. Ace leaned in and kissed and I kissed him back. It felt so nice to feel again his soft lips pressed on mine. After a while we pull apart to breath.

"How did you know I was in danger?" I asked him

"I saw your vivre card burning and I ran to pops, he explained me why you came here on your own, but (y/n) please for the love of the god dont do this again, this place is dangerous and--" I cut him off by kissing him.

"Whatever this place is I glad that you came on time, Arigato" I said while sobbing against his shoulder.

"Hey, its ok let's get back to the ship and explain what happened to the others because they're worried too" he said and patted my head, I just nodded in agreement.

The next day we arrived back at the ship, we greeted everyone and then got back to our works, but I just went to get some sleep, I really need some of it.

It was now afternoon, all the crew was eating at the dinner room so did i.

After the food I wa out on the deck sitting alone and thinking of so many things that I didnt realized how the time passed and it was now the nighttime. They all went to sleep except me and....

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