Chapter 36 - The plan

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Your P.O.V

Time passed really fast as the guys were talking. At some point I laterally stopped listening. Why? Guess who I was thinking about. That's right! Rye (you thought it was Ace right?)

They asked me plenty of times if I would join them and help them win against Kaido. Thoughts crossed my mind.

-I should- No I have to help them! I promised him. I promised to Ace that I would protect his little and precious brother!

-No! No! No! You can't. Even if you want to-

- You know what, I will. I don't care what you're saying. Ace asked me to make sure Luffy is going to be safe.

- Yeah, you promised that you will make sure he will be safe, not that you would risk your life so he could be safe.

- You don't get it! I have to protect him so I will make sure that he is safe!

- Luffy is strong. Plus he has a reliable crew to count on when he needs help, he doesn't need your help, you're not like you were two years ago.

- But... Ace-

- No buts!!! It's not only about you we're talking! (Actually just talking to herslef) It's not only about you, it's about you and your son! What is he going to do if you die. He doesn't have a father and that's enough, he doesn't need to lose his mother too!

So after that long 'conversation' with my own self I realized there is no way I'll help them. That's right, it's not only about me, Rye needs a mother, I'm sure Ace would prefer me to look after our son rather than his brother, since we all know Luffy is strong enough to protect not only his self but his whole crew too!

My son comes first after all.

"Y/n!" Cat viper spoke. I realized that I thought to much at the point that didn't know what was happening. Yeah,  I had lost complete contact with the surroundings. 

"Yes?" I questioned as I came back to reality "Did you hear what I just said?" He asked me. He wasn't angry, actually he seemed kind of worried, I guess because I was lost in my thoughts.

"Uhm no, I'm sorry, I was just thinking too much. Can you please repeat yourself so I can listen to you?" I asked him politely so he began to talk "I was talking about something you might be interested to. So there is a specific person who can help us out. We will be lucky if he is alive though" He said. That didn't really help me though "And what has that to do with me?"

"That specific person's name is...."

I gulped afraid of what he would actually say.

"Marco the Phoenix"

Marco? Really. My lips curved into a smirk and after seconds I smiled widely at him "Marco? Wow, okay that was actually unexpected. But... what did you mean by 'We will be lucky if he is alive though'? Is there a possibility of him being dead?" I started getting worried.

"The payback war. I do not know if he really survived. But I have faith in that man, he wouldn't die so easily!"

"Cat Viper, even though I said I can't help, I still want to see him. Me might be thinking in dead. So if any of you are going to search for him I want to come too! Please?"

He nodded.

"Okay so here is the plan!" Kinemon started.
"We are going to split into four teams.
First, Cat Viper's group that will search for Marco the Phoenix, former 1st division commander of Whitebeard pirates. Y/n and Cat Viper.
Second, Dogstorm group is going to  stay here on Zoo and join us later.
Third, Luffy's Team, which will go for the whole cake island to take back Sanji-dono.
And last but not least. Fourth group. The rest of us will go back to the land of Wano, round up allies, and plot a strategy while waiting for you!"

So that was the plan.

The game was on.

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