Chapter 5: The accident

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You were sleeping and having a pretty  good nap but you felt someone pushed you and you fell of the bed opened your eyes and realized you were on the ground but you didn't care that much so you close your eyes again.....then you felt someone breathing in your ear and whispered you " hey sleepy wake up" ..."no mom I wanna sleep 5 more minutes leave me alone pleeeeeeaaaassse " ......
"No" you replied but after some seconds you realized something and got up "wait.....did you just call me 'sleepy bitch?'"
Marco: yes ...
You: fuck you .....let me sleep
Marco: no
You : why? I wanna sleep I had a good dream with ac- .....a lolipop (😏😏)
Marco: a lolipop ?
You: yeah....why is it that strange?
Marco:yes...but just get ready we got a mission
You: the mission can wait
Marco: and the lolipop too won...

After 10 minutes you were ready .

You met Whitebeard ,Ace , Marco and Thatch

Whitebeard told you that you were about to meet someone to give you some informations .

After 30 minutes you left the ship you Marco Ace and Thatch.

You were the only girl in the group but that wasn't a problem anymore since you are in whitebeatd's crew and you're anyways the only girl around 100+ men.

They were making fun of you with stupid flirty jokes but you ignored them....

You finally arrived to the island and met this he gave you the information you wanted and now you were ready to leave the island and return back to ship. But then some pirates attacked you .

Thatch: oh look what we got here

Marco and Ace smirked

You: OK guys looks like its time to play.

During the fight 3 pirates attacked you  one from behind, one in front of you and the other fell of the sky .

And suddenly you used the haosoku no haki by accident you didnt even know you had this power.

Marco's mouth fell down same as Ace and Thatch.

Ace: what the f...
Marco: she is pretty strong
Thatch: yeah after all she is the dauther of Shanks

After you used it you were weak and I mean WEAK you couldn't even move your finger then a pirate grabbed the chance and he hit you on the head as a result you lost your sence.....(and something else).


After 1 or 2 ours you woke up


You opened your eyes slowly to see a blur "image" of people who were moving around and yelling "Wake up (Y/n).

"She opened her eyes"

"Uuh ...mhh..w-where am I?you said in a low voice

"(Y/n)'re finally awake" a raven haired man said and hugged you
"I'm so glad you're alive"

"Oh gad (Y/n) you scared the hell out of us" a blonde haired guy said.

"(Y/n) can you you feeling??" A man with dirty blonde hair asked.

"Uhh...w-who are you?" You said in a low voice.

Ace's eyes widen at your words same as Marco and Thatch .

You returned back at the ship.

Thatch: POPS! we got a problem
Whitebeard: what problem?
Marco: (y/n) ......lost her memories
Ace: she can't remember anything !
Whitebeard: What how ....?

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Konichi wa Mina.
So it seems like you lost your memories I wonder how are you going to get them back ....
Also I'm about to wright the story of you're sister Joanna and Law (of course in the story the name won't be Joanna but yours )
So just wait a little more fore the
Law x Reader

See ya in the chapter 6 😄.

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