Chapter 31 - Truth

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The famous Straw Hat Luffy shouted raising his arms on the air!

~Later That Day~

Your P.O.V

Luffy, Usopp, Zoro, Robin, Franky, Kyros, Bellamy, Kinemon, Kanjuro, Law, Joanna and I were all in Kyros' house. It was just a small house on top of a hill but we were okay with that. After all we just needed rest to to have a party. Especially Luffy and Law. Luffy was in a deep sleep, Law in the other hand had rested his head on Joanna's chest. He wasn't sleeping though.

Kyros then lied down "I'm sorry but I'm gonna turn in first. If you're hungry you can eat anything in the house. I think there is only dried meat though He said, you could clearly see Zoro picking up the booze.

Usopp chuckled "When Luffy wakes you, it'd be gone in a second.... Hey you fell asleep so quickly?" He said the last part surprised referring to Kyros "You too?" This time he was referring to Law who fell asleep on top of Joanna "great. Now I can't breath" she muttered but I heard her and giggled.

Well after some seconds Usopp followed the same path and fell asleep which made Franky surprised "You fell asleep in an instant, too!"

"I'm sure everyone is tired" Robin finally spoke.

"Boy, he has no booze here..." Zoro mumbled. I heard the door opening slowly. What happened Zoro seemed to be ready to fight as well as the rest who were awake.

The door opened and the man threw a bottle of booze to Zoro "Here you go" It was Sabo.

"Sabo!" Robin and Joanna said at the same time "Yo"

"You know him?" Zoro asked Robin "He's Luffy's brother"
Sabo chuckled.

He then walked in and sat on the bed beside Luffy.

"So you know him from the revolutionary army?" Franky asked Robin when he said from where he came from. Robin imidietly got up, she wanted to wake Luffy up so he could see his brother but Sabo stopped her "Robin, you don't have to wake him up. I just came to see his and Joanna's faces before I leave"

"Are you leaving the country already?" She asked "Yeah. Because some troublesome people are heading back here"
"Who are they?" Franky asked
"CP-0" Robin was left speechless "They played a part in Doflamingo's deception. They're targeting us. Dressrosa will get crowded in a day or two. You guys should leave as soon as possible"

"Thank you for telling us"

"Oh and Y/n. You were right. The fruit is  just a fake. It actually had poison inside of It!" He told me "Thank you for the warning" he said "Don't mention It"

Zoro - Either way, we're not going to stay here for long. And what's more, I didn't know he had a brother besides Ace.
Franky - You're right. I've never heard of it.
Sabo - I bet so. I think it surprised Luffy and Joanna the most.
Franky - What do you mean by that?
Sabo - I was presumed for a long time. I was always with Luffy, Ace and Joanna when I was a kid. We ran around like wild and had it hard because of the old man, Garp. And we dreamed about becoming pirates. We exchanged cups of sake to become siblings. But I got involved in am accident on day.
I mean, an incident.

Sabo then explained the whole story. He left us shocked but mostly Joanna. It was actually something unexpected but in the end it was what had actually happened.

After a while Sabo got "I'm leaving!"
"I just came to see these two. Here I made a vivre card of Luffy's just in case"
"I'm your sister too. No vivre card for me?" Joanna complained "You guys have formed an alliance with Luffy so you are going to be with him for some time. I don't think it's going to be long until we meet again"
"Huh, I see. I would get up and hug you but I can't actually move right Now" She said referring to Law "Is he your boyfriend or something?" Sabo asked and she nodded.

So he took his hat and placed it on his head "Alright. Luffy might be a bit much for you to handle, but take good care of him"

After he left Zoro started laughing "He said the same thing Ace said"

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So the fruit is fake huh
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