Chapter 24 - Baby

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Your P.O.V

I went to bed early yesterday. It was afternoon  but I was literally so tired that I didn't know if I would be able to walk if I didn't go to bed that time. Actually I slept for about 24 hours, i wooe up in the afternoon of the next day. I woke up feeling dizzy. It wasn't a problem anymore, I had gotten used to it.

I was almost sure that I was pregnant. Well, after what Fossa told me I realized that, that was the reason why I felt dizzy and threw up all the time. But I realized more than that.

Anyway I got up and exited the room. I went downstairs to find my mom cooking "Hey, you are finally up" she told me and greeted my by hugging me tightly "we are visiting a doctor today, to confirm our pregnancy, okay?" I nodded "I'm hungry" I told her "come on I prepared some food for b9th of us to eat.

We prepared everything and sat down on the table and started eating. We didn't actually talk much. Not that we hadn't things to say, but I wasn't in the mood to talk so we are in silence.

After we finished our food we took everything to the sink and cleaned up. I washed the dishes and my mom cleaned the table. After we finished cleaning she told me to go to her room and pick up some clothes since I had none with me and get ready to go to the doctor.

I got ready as I wore a simple outfit. There wasn't a problem with the size since mom and I had almost same body type. I got downstairs and she was waiting outside. I picked up a coat and exited the house. We walked together until we arrived there.

"Hello" She greeted us "Good evening! How are you Naila?" My Mom spoke, seems like they knew each other to the point they were even friends. Turns out that this was the woman who helped my mom with her birth. Wow.
"So, Naila, Y/n here has symptoms of pregnancy, so we want to be sure about what's happening"

"Oh really! Okay then, I will do some examinations on you and we will able to know" She said. She examined me and after one hour we were done. She came closer to us and place her hand on my shoulder.
"Congratulations" she said, I imidietly smiled, I was literally so happy, someone else would maybe cry in the situation I was but I was happy.

"Naila, Y/n had been In the matineford war so, will that affect the baby?" My Mom asked.
"Well Actually, there is a possibility that there will be some effect" she said, my smile fade "You are two moths pregnant, so if you had been through something like this. What I mean by that. There is a small possibility that you might have early birth but do not freak out, as I said a small possibility. Don't worry about anything. I can be the one to help you with the birth, if you want to of course"

I agreed in her being the doctor who will help me. She seemed trustworthy. Mom and I left and went for a walk.
"Congratulations sweetie. I'm sure you'll be a great mother!"

"What I won't be good enough, I don't have any-"

"You have me! I'll help you in any way. I'm your mother. And trust me I had been through this"

"At least you had dad around. I don't have Ace. I really miss him"

"I know it's an easy thing to say but difficult to do but, I know you are hurt, i know you miss h8m and you want him back with back. But you have to get over it. It's okay if you cry now but you have to get over It, for yours and your baby's health" I smiled. I knew that. If I had to go through this roller coaster of emotions everyday that would be really bad for the baby.

We went home but I left after a while. Of course I informed her for where I would go. There was a hillside with the view of the sea, that's where we would go with Joanna when we were kids. I sat there.

I placed my hand on my belly, thinking that there was a human being on there. And I would be able to see it and hold it in six months or seven if I'm lucky.
I looked up on the sky.

"Ace can you hear me? I know you can, so please do not ever leave my side, I love you"

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