Chapter 37 - The Game Begins

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Your P.O.V

After everything was finally settled we started preparing. The last night we spent on Zoo was party. I had fun and ate, oh Yeah, and slept. A lot. And that was so we would have energy to do what we had to.

I didn't consider my mission as a tough one. The toughest was Luffy's one. He had to go against big mom to take Sanji. Of course he didn't take that into account. Well it's Luffy we're talking about.

That's why I admired him. He didn't mind the danger and difficulties he would go through to save his friends. I don't say that I would to anything to help mine, but other peo0le including me would think of possibilities of what could go wrong in such a situation.

The next morning we woke. All of us not only this who had to leave so we would say our goodbyes to each other. Especially me. I wouldn't see them for long since I wouldn't follow them to the land of Wano.

Everyone got dressed and ready to leave. Luffy, Nami, Chopper, Brook and Pedro were outside the city of zoo.

"Luffy" I started "Yes?" He asked "Take care, Please!" He nodded.

"So it's time for us to leave right" Luffy said.

"Okay but how do we get down there" Nami asked pointing at the Sunny which could barely be seen because of the distance. I would offer to help them by using my powers but I did t get to even speak.

Luffy stretch his both of his arms and wrapped them around the others "Good bye guys!" Was the last think he said and jumped behind.

-Shit! Shit! Shit! What do I do? That's dangerous for him. Oh my god that's the end... of him. He's got a devil fruit. Oh my god he won't be able to swim and-

I stopped thinking of what should I do so I would help them when I heard a loud noise from a big distance. It was Luffy and the others who landed on Sunny. I sight In realief.

Well Luffy left. It passed about five hours till Cat Viper and I prepared to leave.

We got into the ship. It wasn't so big. Even smaller than Luffy's previous one but it was enough to fit two people. We set sail and headed to.... uh i don't know actually.

Later then cat viper and I had a conversation which started when I asked about our destination.

Y/n - Uh Cat viper. I was thinking, where are we actually heading to?
CV - You do not know?
Y/n - No
CV - Weird. I thought that you as a former member of the Whitebeard pirates would know.
Y/n - Actually not. I did never think of the guys' location since I had more important things to do these two past years.
CV - As are going to Whitebeard's hometown. The place where he was born. I m pretty much sure that they are gonna be there if not we've gotta search more.
Y/n - how come I never thought if that.

Three days later and we were finally at Pops' hometown. It's been a long since I last saw this place.

So y'all let me tell ya something. I do not know how did Cat Viper tea had Whitebeard's hometown. I do not read the manga BUT the thing that they live at Whitebeard's old place is real.
The next chapter contains spoiler. Not much. I hope this won't bother you from reading it.
The three following chapter's are the last three and the most important ones.
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