Chapter 38 - Reunited

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Narrator's P.O.V

"All right! I've finished treating him. He's fixed up, and his wound will heal faster now. He should be able to jump tomorrow. He should be fine now but tell him not to do anything reckless for a while my flame of rebirth's effect on others has it's limits" The former member of the Whitebeard pirates Marco the phoniex informed the little girl about her huge pet, Tama.

"Thank you Marco"

This man helps the people of this small and peacfull village as a successful doctor he is. People of the island would often come and ask for his help :

"Marco my back hurts again!"
"Marco-chan my knee is acting weird again"
"Marco, my younger brother got bullied again!!"

Cat viper and Marco sat on a bench and started talking.

"Pops created thus place..."

"Old man Whitebeard did...? What do you mean?"

"Because the people here are poor, they cannot afford to pay the heavenly  tribute, and therefore, are unable to ally themselves with the world government. Most of the unallied  counties in the world are unallied for that reason. Those places usually end up becoming lawless islands, where pirates and traffickers roam freely. As a result those countries crumble, and it causes a rise in the population of unfortunate orphans. Pops was one of those orphans. Even though he left for seas to become pirate at a very young age he continued to care about this land. While hiding his identity he spent his life continuously tunnelling dirty money and resources into this village. Although he had no family or friends here, this land....
...was his homeland"

Both Cat Viper and Marco kept on  talking. And here is the question. Where is Y/n? She actually stayed back for a while. Not that she wouldn't go but she had that fear....

"I do not know if he really survived"

Yeah, that fear. What if she didn't get to see what she wanted to? But she didn't stay back for the whole day and waited for Cat Viper to come. No! She did manage to go in there.

When she started walking in the village and saw the people being happy even though they had problems made her heart melt.

She kept on walking but stopped when she saw the back of a huge furry man. Cat viper. But not only him, beside him was a man sitting who she realized imidietly who it was.

Your P.O.V

-This Is Marco!!!

I smiled widely at the sight of him. I really thought that he might be dead. I sighed in relief and started walking towards him. When I reached his back I put my hands on his eyes and covered them so I would have him guess who is the person behind him covering his sight.

"What the-?"

"Guess who!" I said. I was sure he recognised who I was since he shook off my arms and turned around in a matter of seconds!!! He imidietly hugged me and I hugged him back "Long time no see!" I giggled. After seconds I felt liquid on my shoulder. I realized it was his tears. I pushed him back a little so I could look at him "Hey, why are you crying, aren't you happy?" I asked "Of course I'm happy you fool. But I thought you died!"
We then sat down on the bench.

"Died? No, why would you think that?"

"I bet you could commit suicide after... you know what happened with Ace"

"I thought of it but changed my mind. So what about you Marco? How have you been? And the others?"

"I'm fine as well as the others. At least the remaining ones. After the payback war in which we lost things hadn't been well for the crew members but we're fine now and are staying here. You remember how much Pops cared about his homeland. Oh I have something to tell you by the way, but first tell me about you!"

"Oh okay. Where should I start from...-"

"How about the night you left without any explanation"

"Right! I'm sorry, it's just... uh after the war when I was In a coma I had a dream that Ace was alive and that's why when I woke up I started asking where both Pops and Ace were. When Fossa told me I.... let's just say I went crazy"

"I see so what happens After?"

"I went to my homeland and met my mom. I know what you're going to say but turns out she is alive. I stayed there and after months gave birth to-"

"You gave what?!"

The question didn't come from Marco but from another person. A person with a familiar voice. No. No.
I turned my back to face that person.


Everything went black.


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Uhm about the conversation between Marco and Cat Viper, it's the actual conversation they had in the manga.
Well it goes on and they talk about Wano and Car Viper asks Marco to join but I didn't mention that part Because it's a spoiler

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