Chapter 11 - A passionate night

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Your point of view

I was standing on the deck, gazing at the dark night sky without thinking about anything in particular when I felt someone touching my shoulder. Startled I turned around but the face I saw calmed me down imidiently. It was Ace.

"You scared me!" I muttered.

"It's not like I walked quietly or something. You were the one who was daydreaming." Ace said and kindly smiled at me while he placed his hand on mine.

"I'm sorry... I was just..."

"What was my princess thinking?" He asked me and leaned closer.

I instictivly bit my lip.

"I can't tell you... but I can show you!" I replied.

"Why don't you do that already?" He said and I could feel his breath on my cheek.

I slowly turned my head and touched his lips. Ace then, slowly pushed his tounge inside my mouth and played with mine. After a while he picked me up, bridal style, while he continued to kiss me and headed towards his cabin. He opened the door and after he placed me on the bed he closed it and... locked it.

That sound made me nervous for a moment but then I felt Ace's hands carefully touching my body. My back arched when his cold fingertips touched my upper thigh and my breathing suddenly became more intense. I think Ace noticed that so he moved up again and cupped my cheek.

"Are you okay with this, princess?" He asked me and gazed at my eyes.

I bit the inside of my lip from the nervousness. His hand started to slowly move downwards.

"I won't hurt you." he said and placed a kiss on my neck. "I'll be careful" and kissed me again. "and gentle" he said and kissed me once more.

With all these kisses I didn't realize that ace's hand had reached my bra until I felt it unclasping.

"It's fine love!" I said and smiled at him.

He smirked satisfied and then helped me take my shirt and bra off. I couldn't help but cover my breasts with my hands

But he grabbed my hands from my wrists.

"You shouldn't be hiding something so beautiful!" He whispered and gently moved them to the side.

He started massaging my breasts with his palms and shortly after he placed his mouth on my left nipple. I left out a heavy breath and closed my eyes.

While he was still teasing my breasts his left hand went down and unbuttoned my shorts. I got up a little bit to help him pull them of, which caused us to lose skin contact. I could tell that that irritated him a bit because he slowly pushed me back down on the bed and said:

"Leave everything on me!"

I just nodded and he took off my shorts. After losing the last piece of actual clothing that I had I felt chills running down my spine.

"Are you cold princess?" Ace asked me.

"Yes... can you warm me?" I asked and I immediately felt his lips on mine kissing me passionately while his warm, now, hands reached and touched every bit of my body. Even... my vagina.

When he touched me there my eyes opened widely and he broke kiss.

"My princess is wet... I shouldn't let my princess unsatisfied, right?" He asked with a cocky smirk. While he was still looking at me he pulled my panties to side and checked how wet I was with two of his slim fingers. Afterwards he pulled them up and licked them clean. "Allow me to show you a piece of heaven!" He said headed towards my vagina. He slowly started removing my panties and after he took them off he held my legs open because I was ready to unconsciously close them. "Let's see how you taste..." he said and his tongue touched my clit. He started licking it slowly and every now and the he planted kisses on it. But shortly after he replaced his tongue with his thumb and he inserted his tongue in my vagina.

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