Chapter 22 - Alive?

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Your P.O.V

"Ace, I'm so sorry I really didn't mean what I said-"



I couldn't finish my sentence since I was cut off by the explosion that was heard.

"RUN" he ordered me but I refused by nodding my head negatively "No no! Ace please forgive me, I love you, I swear I didn't mean anything" I cried in his chest while hitting it.  He patted my head and said:
"Its okay, I know, I forgive you baby and please let's get out of here"

I did as he said, we all run towards Moby dick. Pops waited for us all to get in. The last one who was Izo jumped in.

After he realized that no one of us was left in marineford Pops jumnped into the ship too! "All go you!" He started talking to the allies "get in your ships and leave this place" He shouted.

We set sail and went underwater.

We were safe. They were all celebrating, and Luffy along with them. I was so thankful, but well everyone had bruises. The doctor of the ship and I were the responsible ones for everyone's health. I had the healing powers because of my fruit and the doctor...
Well he was the doctor.

After treating everyone I was tired and decided to go to bed and get some sleep. It was tiring day.

I waved at everyone and went to my shared room. After a while Ace joined. He hoped on the bed and hugged me from behind.

"You know you'll get a punishment for what you said" he said.

"But not today I've been through a lot right?" He said and kissed the back of my head as I nodded "Yeah you did, no sleep baby, Good Night" I told him

"Sweet Dreams princess"

Yeah, it was a sweet dream until I woke up.

I opened my eyes feeling kind of dizzy, but I felt better later. I was in my room, without Ace by my side.

-I guess he's out on the deck with everyone else

I got up from the bed but that actually made me feel more dizzy than before. What to do, I'll just bear with it. I felt my body, it was heavy, as well as my footsteps but that didn't stop me from going out there.

When I did no one looked at me. They all had a dark expression. Not to mention that many of them weren't actually on the deck but in their rooms I guess. You could only see about 15 people and all of them had that dark expression. Pops wasn't there as well.

"Hey.." I said, they didn't even bother to look at me "guys what is wrong?" I asked, some of them turned to look at me with their eyes wide open "What?" Someone asked.

"Guys, where is Ace...and Pops?" I asked them, they all turned their gaze to me, but they looked at me furiously.

- What did I even say

"What do you mean y/n? Are you kidding me?" Fosa said, his voice field with anger "Huh? Why are you so angry? The f*ck is wrong with you all? I just asked where is Ace and Pops!" I talked back.

"So you don't remember?"

"Remember What?"

"They're gone, Y/n!"


"Yes! Gone! Do you know what that means? If not go look it up on a dictionary! They are f*cking dead! And you are trying to tell me that you don't remember that Huh? What is that now? Are you crying? Again? Aren't you tired of crying and forgetting things? Well it's sad you lost your boyfriend and the father of your child but guess what. If you weren't that weak to convince Ace to come back, we wouldn't be here now-"

"Shut the f*ck up Fossa" Marco shouted.
"Father...?" I mumbled "Yes father. Is that all that remained in your mind from what I said and do not tell me that you are surprised, like you didn't know it" He shouted again. I wanted to talk back but this was too much...

"Fossa, I told you to shut the f*ck up. Y/n go to your room, NOW"

I just ran back to my room and started crying on the floor. I remembered everything. So that was just a dream. And Ace is the father of my child? I'm pregnant?

The door of my room opened revealing Marco who came next to me and patted my back.

"Fossa was right.... I am so weak, I am the reason why We're here. If I wasn't that impatient and didn't ran away that night he would be here now. There wouldn't be any reason to fight. If I just wasn't that weak"

"No y/n don't talk like that. You aren't weak it's not your fault."

"Get out Marco! Get out of here now I don't wanna see anyone" I started yelling I was greatful that there was no need for me to repeat myself. He left.
Next thing I knew I started throwing things here and there and crying.

I couldn't bear with this. I wanted a place for me to calm myself down. And there was only one place. The island where I was born. That night I left the ship while everyone was sleeping. I headed to my hometown. I did t know actually where I even was but after two days I manage to land on the island. 

I started walking around. It wasn't such a big island. The people there were friendly. No one even tried to call the marines. The place felt familiar. But it didn't feel home. Cause the only home I knew was the family of the whotebeard pirates, which didn't exist anymore.

At some time I reached a beautiful house. Clean and it looked friendly, the garden was full with roses and other plants of course but especially roses. Something about this house that was weird was that it was familiar to me.

It was my house.

"You are back" I heard a voice behind me and turned around "Y/n Its me" I immediately recognized her "What? How?"

"Come on sweetheart hug me, I missed your scent" I did, I hugged her. I trusted her just like that.

"Is that really you? Are you really alive, mom?"

Just realized that the last chapter's title was "Dead?" Reaffering to Ace and this is Called "Alive?"
See ya in chap 23💔

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