Chapter 39 - Embrace

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Your P.O.V

I opened my eyes and felt my head really heavy for some reason. I suddenly felt an arm pulling me and someone's forehead against mine.

"Are you alive?!"

"Ace?" I pulled back and took a better look at him to make sure I wasn't dreaming "I should be asking that!" I sat up on the bed and glared at him

"Where were you all this time?" Ace asked.

"Where was I all this time? How about you?" I returned the question angrily.

"I was here!"

"Doing what?" I hissed.

"Recovering maybe? Let me remind you that Akainu f*cked me up pretty well!"

"Trust me I remember! You didn't even bother to look for me?"

"They told me you were dead!" Ace exclaimed.

"You didn't even look for my grave?" I asked him.

"Why, did you look for mine?" Ace asked back.

I hesitated for a moment "No..." I admited.


We both remained silent not knowing what to say. I felt tears coming up to my eyes and no matter how hard I tried to hold back, a sob escaped my lips, and that was it for me. I brusted out crying.

"Why are you crying now?" He asked me trying not to put any emotion in his voice.

"Well isn't it obvious?"

Ace looked at me with a questioning look. "I thought I had lost you forever" I said and hugged my knees burying my head into them. Then I felt Ace hugging me placing his head on my knees. When I lifted my head. I saw him gazing and couldn't help but chuckle.

"Oh you're laughing now?" He said but he wasn't being sarcastic.

"I missed your face. These freckles and your eyes-" My voice cracked and I continued crying. Ace pulled me closer and hugged me tighter.

"Come on stop stop crying" Ace said and kissed my head over my hair. I wrapped my hands around him as he continued kissing me. First on my forehead then on the bridge of my nose and then... on the lips. Again and again. He kissed me as he removed my clothes carefully and slowly like he wanted to remember how my body looked like. I had missed his touch, his breath on my neck, I had missed him so badly and he was there. In front of me. We fell on the bed and continued our affectionate act.

* * *

I was laying on the bed with my head resting on Ace's chest and payed attention to his heartbeat.

"Y/n?" Ace said.


"What was that about you giving birth?"

"The truth?" I answered in a questioning tone.

"I mean is it my child or what?" He asked me a bit nervously.

"Of course and it is your child"

"Oh I see. And why didn't you tell me before?"

"I didn't know it myself"

"Oh ah nice. Well I don't know what am I supposed to say"

"He looks like you. I-it was really hard for me"

"It's a boy?" He asked me

I nodded "He is as beautiful as you are. But I left him with my mother right now!"

"Leave this to the side. Ace, why are you alive?" I asked him. He took a deep breath before he answered.

"My body had disappeared during the war. That's actually something no one knew, the government hid it, obviously no one would want me to be alive-"

"I do" he chuckled at my comment "I know. Anyway. The thing is, a woman took my body and healed me. I know it sounds impossible. I was alomost dead but this woman was a devil fruit user. She ate the healing fruit. This fruit gave her the ability to bring someone back to life but she could do it only once. She had to give her life so I whould get back mine"

"Oh I-i'm glad but why would a random old lady give her life like that for a stranger"

"Seems like I wasn't actually a stranger to her. Before she passed away she told me everything. This woman helped my mother to give birth to me. She really admired my mom because she suffered a lot to bring me into this world so that's why she did that. She was really kind-hearted person"

Ace turned his face to look straight into my eyes so did I. "I love you" I told him and hugged him tighter as he returned the hug "I love you too"

We stayed like that for minutes. My head buried into his chest and his resting on top of mine.

"Y/n..." he spoke.


"I want to ask you a favor"

"What is it?"

"I want you too stay here. I mean live here with us. With me"

I thought of it for a moment. It's not an easy desicion to take, I had my mom and don't want to leave her alone. I could actually ask her to come too. And then there is Rye. Of course I wouldn't leave him back but the trip was long and he hadnt ever stepped out of the island. After a while I made my desicion.

"Okay. But first I have to take Rye here" I exclaimed.


"It's our son's name"

"Oh so you named him-"

"With the name you chose"

"I see. Can I come too?"

"Of course. It's also an opportunity for you to meet my mother"

"Nice. How about tomorrow?"


Ace hugged me even tighter than before and pulled the covers so he would warm me up. We both fell asleep on each other's arms.

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