Chapter 19 - It cant be...

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Your P.O.V

Its been weeks! Weeks since the day i left Ace, and I'm really starting to regret my past choices! Theres literally NO sign of him and Im starting to freak out! Well, there is Marco and Pops who always calm me down, and of course the rest of the crew but these two are always there!

Since Thatch died everything changed. Thatchie was my best waa friend actually, its not like I dont like Marco or something I just had a better relationship with Thatch!
I remember how the three of them, Marco, Thatch and Ace were being dorks and disturd me all the time just to have fun! I really miss those days, when everything was peaceful, no one and nothing could harm us, not only because the whole Whitebeard pirates are strong but they, referring to the Marines, wouldnt even think of wasting their time on getting hurt!

So yeah, everything was fine! If only that damn devil fruit didnt exist, if only Teatch wouldnt break the rules! Now some of my brothers are still crying for Thatch's loss, some of them don't even talk, others have already 'got over it' while Ace is missing without giving any sing of life and im here going crazy, not to mention that im sick, and my body is slowing giving up on me day by day! I become weaker for f*ck's sake couldn't it be just a cold!

Today I woke up pretty late, not something new simce there days im sleeping even for 24 hours straight! Sleep actually helps mw to forget about this situation so yeah, I do sleep a lot theae days! Anyway I woke up in the afternoon, something that i didn't realize, and as always went to the bathroom brushed my teeth, wash my face, fix my hair and get dressed!

After everything was set i walked our of the room and headed to the deck "Good Morning" I said "Its afternoon" some member said, I didnt even bother to turn around and see who was it I just ignored them.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed something in to eat. I stayed there for like 30 minutes and then back to the deck! But when I returned the view I had wasn't one the best! Everyone seemed terrified! Eyes open wide as well as the mouth, some even were having tears on their eyes "What happened?" I asked, no reply "Pops..." I started, and he turned around to face me "What has happened?" I asked omce again. Sigh.

"Children! There is no reason for you to be this frightened! We did a lot in this journey, we have dealt with a lot of situations and that's exactly what we are going g to do and now! We afe going to gat Ace back!" Pops shouted, suddenly smiles appeared in everyone's face, hands raised in the air and all of them shouting.

"STOP ALL OF YOU!" I shouted and everyone wenr ailent "Where is Ace?" I asked but no reply "I asked something and I'm waiting for a f*cking reply! Where is Ace?"

Marco then approached me placing a hand on mg shoulder "Look, I know its not the best news ever but as Pops said we're going to get him back-"

"Where is he?"

"Ace is getting executed in five days"

"What? What do you mean? How? You said he is going to come back" I had already tears on my cheeks while I was shaking Marco "I'm sorry (y/n), but dont worry, we are going to get him back, you even realize when we will be back do t worry"

"What do you mean 'YOU will be back'? Do you think I'll just stay here?"

"Y/n please, its dangerous"

"So what? You think I'll just sot down and watch while there will be a whole war out there for my boyfriend who's dying! I don't care about what all of you are saying, if you wont let me come with you I'll go by myself!"

I said and left them going back to my room, I just wanted to sleep!

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