A Sticky Situation

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"Oh come on Ice, this is ridicules!" I heard NightShade shout behind me. I blocked him out and flew towards the island ahead. Suddenly I heard a lovely sound that made me feel all warm, fuzzy and safe. It was like an angel singing her heavenly music. I felt my eyes go into small slits as I blocked out everything else and followed the amazing sound. "Ice, don't go to that sound! It's dangerous!" I heard the muffled voice behind me saying. I couldn't have listened even if I had wanted to. I flew over the island and suddenly out of nowhere came angel appeared. She was golden with blue and purple dots and she had the wings of a butterfly. Suddenly the sound stopped and everything went black.

When I woke up I couldn't move anymore. I fell to the ground and found myself trapped in an amber cocoon. I shot the amber, but my blast wasn't strong enough. I heard a roar and looked up to see a Death Song, not an angel.

NightShade landed next to me once the Death Song had gone. "At least now you can't flew away." He said. "Get me out of this stuff!" I demanded. "Ok, but please just let me explain?" He asked. "Fine." I sighed. I watched the boy climb off NightShade's back and walk closer to me with his hands held out. I growled and tried to light up my scales, but didn't have enough energy. "Whoa there, it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you." The boy said softly. "Yeah right, that's what every humans says before he stabs you with a knife!" I growled sarcastically. "Hey!" NightShade snapped at me. I rolled my eyes, what did NightShade see in that useless fishbone anyway? "Okay bud, we need some Monstrous Nightmare gel then we can get her out of here and take her to Dragons Edge." The boy told NightShade as he started walking away. NightShade sat down next to me and looked at the boy who was calling him over. "Find I'll go all on my own." The boy said as he walked off.

"That's Hiccup, he's my human." Said NightShade. Oh great, that's just what I wanted to hear. "Why don't you just ditch him and be a free dragon again?" I asked. "I can't fly without him and...I don't want to ditch him." NightShade said. NightShade then proceeded to tell me how Hiccup had saved his life and made him fly again. He also told me it was indeed him who killed the Red Death. He told me he lived at a place called Dragons Edge and sometimes went to Berk.

Suddenly the Death Song dropped something in front of me, it was Hiccup who was covered in amber. 'Great, there goes my chance of getting out of this stuff.' I thought. "Don't move!" I told NightShade, but of course he ran over to save his fishbone.

I glared at the Death Song who looked very satisfied after cocooning two dragons and a boy. "Thanks bud!" I snapped at NightShade. "Who shall I eat first?" The Death Song asked itself as it licked its lips. "You!" It said as it picked up NightShade. "Toothless!!" Hiccup screamed. I stared at him for a few seconds...what was he on about, the Death Song had plenty of teeth. Just as the Death Song was about to swallow NightShade I felt a sudden anger and found myself thinking 'no one swallows my soulmate!' With a lot of determination I lit up my scales so much the amber cocoon around me burst open. I shook myself and roared at the Death Song who dropped NightShade on the ground. I leapt into the air and shot a blast at the dragon. The Death Song growled and tried to shoot me with amber. I dodged the amber and kept blasting the dragon. Then it started to sing. I was so focused on defeating it, that I blocked out the song and continued to blast the dragon. Eventually the Death Song gave up and left. "Get out of here you overgrown butterfly!" I shouted as it flew away.

"You've got to get us out of this amber." NightShade told me. I landed by him and sighed. "Use that thingy..." NightShade said looking at something by his fishbone. I walked closer and grabbed the little stick-like object then growled at Hiccup who was watching me. "Press that button" NightShade instructed. I looked down and saw what he meant. I pressed it and a flame came up at one end of the stick. "Now use it to cut us out" NightShade said. I didn't like the fact that this thing was human made, but it was the only way to get them out. I tried to cut away the amber, but the flame wasn't strong enough. I put the bottom of the stick in the ground so the flame was upright. Then I gently blew out my blue plasma blast which faded into the red flame. I watched as the flame turned violet. "Wow!" Both NightShade and Hiccup said. I picked up the stick again and sure enough, the flame was now strong enough to cut away the amber. Once free Hiccup ran over and hugged NightShade. "Toothless! I thought I had lost you!" The fishbone said. "Me too!" NightShade grinned. "Leave your weird romance out of the way! We need to get back in the air." I snapped at them.

I flew through the sky with NightShade behind me. "That was a close one Toothless." Hiccup said to NightShade. "Why does he keep calling you Toothless? I asked. "That's my new name, he gave it to me." NightShade said. "But you have teeth." I said shocked and confused. "Retractable teeth, just like any other Night Fury. The first time we met that's the first thing he said when he saw me. Of course he knows I have teeth now, but the name stuck." NightShade explained. "Ok bud, now!" Hiccup said. Before I could do anything Hiccup had glided down to me with his 'wings' and landed on my back. He grabbed both my wings and started tying them together. "Sorry girl, it's the only way..." he said softly. I growled and spun around in circles hoping to knock him off me. I even started shooting blasts at him, but nothing worked. After he had finished tying my wings and tail flaps together he jumped off my back and onto NightShade. He grabbed a net and threw it at me. It got caught around me and stopped me falling. I was pulled up higher and Hiccup tied a knot at the top of the net. Then he turned NightShade around and flew away from the Golden Enclave and my family.

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