The Golden Enclave

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A Week Later...

I flew out of the cave behind the waterfall where each species had a platform and I, the queen, sat in the middle; like at Dragon Island. I flew towards the snow tipped mountain with scattered caves for each dragon species. The island was called The Golden Enclave; named after the beautiful golden sunset we see here every evening. It had been a week since we left Dragon Island, we had only found The Golden Enclave yesterday and we were still settling in, but it was perfect!

I flew to the Night Fury cave at the top of the snowy mountain and landed on the cool rock ground. NightSong looked up and purred, welcoming me. I looked out at the island below me, I saw all the dragons setting in and exploring their new home. "You did a great job sis, this island is amazing! And I'm glad your queen now." NightSong said as he sat down next to me. "Thanks." I smiled.

That night we had a meeting in the cave behind the waterfall. I shot a plasma blast into the air quietening the dragons. "Welcome to The Golden Enclave, your new home! With me, IceGlow, as your new queen!" I said and the dragons all cheered. "When we lived under the command of the Red Death we had two priorities in, raid the villages and bring back food for the Red Death. Two, survive. However things have changed now and we have two new priorities. One, raise hatchlings and continue your dragon species. Two, protect each other and the island. You do not need to live in fear anymore, instead we will all join together as a family!" I told everyone. The dragons all cheered once again. After the meeting was over, I flew out of the cave, through the layer of falling water then back up to the Night Fury den.

I sat at the den and watched the golden sunset as the light spread over the island and sea. Mom came and sat next to me. "IceGlow, I'm so proud of you! You really are a true alpha. From the minute I set eyes upon you I new you were a very special dragon. Since the Red Death became the queen it has been everyone's dream to be free and you my dear, made that dream come true for everyone." Mom told me. I smiled and cuddled up to mom as the last few dragons went to their dens for the night.

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