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Until They Can Return in Peace - Hiccstrid by stories_by_kay
Until They Can Return in Peace - Kay Robs
| Completed | Following the great migration of the dragons going to the Hidden World, Chief Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III marries Astrid Hofferson. The Chief, Chieftess...
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Found (Toothless x Reader) ((EDITING)) by dragon_person-422
Found (Toothless x Reader) (( n o
Night Furies are extremely rare, but what Y/N is is even rarer. Sucked into a domesticated and tamed world that isn't hers, she doesn't know what to do. What will she ma...
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HTTYD: Lost Son of Berk by PeterParkerStark19
HTTYD: Lost Son of Berkby Peter Parker
This is a story of the Lost Son of Berk. The story of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, and how he became the legend known as...the Dragon Master!
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How To Watch Their Movie by PeacefulNights
How To Watch Their Movieby S O G E T T H I S
Hiccup was cutting off the ropes on the Night fury when there was a sudden bright light and he found himself, and the rest of Berk, in a strange room with a strange girl...
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Wings of Night by Dragonshifter5
Wings of Nightby Dragonshifter5
In a world of war -Vikings and dragons at each other's throats- two children are born with a hand in each. Can the two ever find their place among their human relations...
To Tame A Dragon Tamer (Hiccup x Reader) by xxOceanDustxx
To Tame A Dragon Tamer (Hiccup x xxOceanDustxx
You are a normal village girl in Berk, and as you know, Hiccup made history when he made peace with dragons many many years ago. (This story sets in a year after the sec...
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An Alpha's Rise (Astrid X Ghidoran Shifter Reader) by RyanJersey
An Alpha's Rise (Astrid X Ryan Jersey
Ghidorah unleashed, a man with three personalities to show for it. Will Astrid be able to calm him and the beast within.
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Hiccstrid: Don't Let Her Go by XxPinkSkyxX2
Hiccstrid: Don't Let Her Goby Queen Skyler
{Hiccstrid Modern AU} "Whatever, Asterella." Hiccup said and started standing up. Astrid huffed. "What's with you and giving me nicknames?!" She excl...
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The Hero's Return by ConradCloudTran
The Hero's Returnby Conrad Tran
This story is going to be different. Instead of being saved by Toothless, both he and Hiccup are presumed dead. Those are the 'death' that change the Archipelago forever...
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We Go Where No One Goes  by wanheda46
We Go Where No One Goes by wanheda46
Part 1: Hiccup runs away with Toothless when Gobber announces that he will be killing the Monstrous Nightmare. Three years later, he flys back to Berk when he finds out...
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Hiccup x Reader (Race To The Edge) by spiritwing13
Hiccup x Reader (Race To The Edge)by Spiritwing13
These are a bunch of one-shots that I wanted to do based on the Netflix 'Race To The Edge' series. A bunch of them will be off of real episodes and I may add some of my...
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Free (HTTYD) by eclypsys
Free (HTTYD)by nel
COMPLETED (AROUND) may/june 2017 Hiccup and Toothless left Berk thinking no one cared. Being the neglected child of Berk (despite his family, and being the heir to t...
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The Alpha Night Fury  by FeatheredDemon
The Alpha Night Fury by FeatheredDemon
After IceGlow, A Night Fury dragon, loses her soulmate she is heartbroken. Then when her queen dies IceGlow must lead the dragons to another island and become their new...
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The Savoir and The Hunter (Prequel to Season one of DisneyWorks) by RavenDragon643
The Savoir and The Hunter ( Ravenfire 177
This is a prequel to the first season of my books, so I've been getting comments on how Viggo Grimborn and Valka meet. So this book is the tale of Valka and all of the a...
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Hiccstrid one shots by Moonchild73
Hiccstrid one shotsby Emma
I think the title says it all.❤️ I hardcore ship hiccstrid, so this book is a collection of one shots written by the one and only, me. I'm NOT going to break hiccstrid...
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Noblesse oblige by Vala411
Noblesse obligeby Vala411
A wedding, a cell, a duke and a Prince and a rival..... Just what in the world is Astrid in store for. (This was supposed to be a oneshot but it got way out of hand)
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Hiccstrid Oneshots: Book 1 by 7LetterShips
Hiccstrid Oneshots: Book 1by Abby
Fluff, fluff, fluff and lots of fluff. Some angst too! Oh and, updates very frequently. Hope you enjoy! Btw, I encourage requests! I don't own these characters. If I di...
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Our Teenage Love Story - [A Modern Hiccstrid Fanfiction] by Hiccstrid_Fanfiction
Our Teenage Love Story - [A ÆØÅ
[Modern Hiccstrid love story] His tousled hair had a nice auburn color. His eyes were so green and so beautiful as shining emeralds that gleamed in the light. He smiled...
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How To Mend A Broken Heart by Dragon_Ryder
How To Mend A Broken Heartby Dragon_Ryder
[WARNING: Bad grammer, spelling errors, cringy writing, terrible stuff] Something tragic happens to a girl that makes her alone & she has to fight to survive with an int...
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