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Gallows of Transgression - Sequel to INDOMITABLE by hashtagdopee
Gallows of Transgression - hashtagdopee
Sequel to Indomitable -- With her little brother missing, half her family dead, and the other half pursuing a wicked plan of domination, Remi is desperate to make sense...
  • quest
  • royalty
  • war
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(Y/n)'s Awakening  by Green_Arrow_Fury
(Y/n)'s Awakening by Green-Arrow- Fury
We all know the story of Dante, son of the legendary dark knight, but only a few know of (Y/n)'s existence... son of Sparda's brother, Ophiel! I do not own DMC, any of...
  • devilarms
  • malereader
  • devilmaycry
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Dragon Quest: Years of Wars Past by RainbowLyruim
Dragon Quest: Years of Wars Pastby RainbowLyruim
"After the war of the two different countries the world was left devastated and broken. Many people suffered to regain hope and to find peace and rebuild the kingdo...
  • ocs
  • fcs
  • quest
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The Pixie Wars: Elemental Magic by bcd-123
The Pixie Wars: Elemental Magicby BC Dee
. . (Chapters are available in the Table of Contents at the end of this introduction--just scroll down) Dear human person, We pixies are in danger, and we need your hel...
  • fairies
  • sylph
  • fantasy
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Galaxy Quest by PerkyGoth14
Galaxy Questby PerkyGoth14
When the evil Vilgax surrounds the Earth with the Martian fleet it's up to the girls to save the planet. Vilgax claims for the ’ultimate weapon’ that's hidden on Earth...
  • network
  • galaxy
  • cartoon
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18 by tamarah_hanley
18by tamarah_hanley
Let the past be a reminder, that the future has yet to unfold.
  • love
  • quest
  • real
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Creature by TheEternalServant
Creatureby TheEternalServant
Plagued by mysterious disappearances, Epping Forest has always been a dead end for many. Sixteen year old Robert Newman and his friends decide to investigate the mystery...
  • blood
  • quest
  • guy
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Azlin The Great by RowanZaineFox
Azlin The Greatby Rowan Zaine Fox
This is a story that accepts all creatures of myths. This is a story where anything and everything happens. This a story about a girl who changed the fate of all three w...
  • powers
  • abilities
  • mythical
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It's Complicated Actually (A Percy Jackson Fanficition) by MrsLerman10
It's Complicated Actually (A MrsLerman10
Skylar Miller is best friends with Percy Jackson; who is famous at Camp Half Blood and the great hero in the prophecy . But that's Percy, Skylar is an overly aggressive...
  • past
  • forgottenoast
  • percyjackson
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Dark Rain by NewBloodRed
Dark Rainby Elfish Potato
Synopsis: Camille is a normal person-- that is until she finds out about her magical powers. Camille must go off with a person that is but her acquaintance-- Drake. She...
  • crown
  • royalty
  • magic
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Life of a Pikachu by Alexzander40
Life of a Pikachuby AlexTheWatcher
My name is Pika. I am a Pikachu. Being a Pikachu isn't as easy as it seems, plus all those Pikachus you see, they're all captured. Our main goal is to stay alive and to...
  • attacker
  • fight
  • defender
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Shattered Kingdom by laney2222
Shattered Kingdomby LaneyLanes
A prince, Andrew the second, tries his hardest to protect his kingdom and prove he is worthy of the crown to his father. He has difficulty containing his boldness and ou...
  • quest
  • war
  • fiction
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Dance My Life Away by Night-Jewel
Dance My Life Awayby MiracleMoonDragon
As Marinette learns to move to let herself forget the pain, Adrien only wants to help someone he thinks is in need. As these to embark on a journey to let go and dance...
  • superhero
  • adrienette
  • ladybug
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The Underlanders: The Isle Of Jewels by OrganizedInsanity
The Underlanders: The Isle Of OrganizedInsanity
What if the dead came back to life for a year? And they fall in love with a mortal, and have a child. These children are called Underlanders, and they live in a world un...
  • fictionalworlds
  • witches
  • quest
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