Aether Academy by ClumsySaya
Aether Academyby Saya
Aria- those who have the affinity for the element of air. Erde- those who have the affinity for the element of earth. Hudōr-those who have the affinity for the element...
  • air
  • earth
  • romance
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King   by curlynerd4ever
King by CurlyNerd
A werewolf is wolf and man. Both equal, both co-operative. Together. But what happens, when a man and wolf decide to go to a civil war? And therefore leaving their entir...
  • war
  • dominance
  • rogue
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The Crossing (Complete Book One) by Arzoelyn
The Crossing (Complete Book One)by Arzoelyn
Crossings between the realms have become rare. Aurora believed she was an ordinary human with no extraordinary gifts. However, her mysterious powers were unleashed the d...
  • prophecy
  • rogueknight
  • magic
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CROWN OF GLASS by rubyruins
CROWN OF GLASSby ✦ luxe!
❛DO YOU WANT TO BE A QUEEN?❜ ❛NO. I WANT TO BE THE QUEEN.❜ ➳ Now a featured Wattpad story. ➳ Winner of over ten prestigious awards. ➳ Highest rank: #2 in Fantasy. Tremay...
  • battle
  • war
  • mythology
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The Prince's Guide To True Love's Kiss by AdelynAnn
The Prince's Guide To True Love' Adelyn Sterling
{Winner of #Wattys2015 "Best of HQ Love"!} A hapless prince is charged with finding his true love, with true loves kiss, by his eighteenth birthday. A task he...
  • fairytaleretelling
  • epic
  • dragons
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The Myriad Chronicles | Book One: The Reader by FayLane
The Myriad Chronicles | Book Faera Lane
Can one girl's imagination save a dying world? London schoolgirl Guin Hawkins wants nothing more than to free her sister Evelyn from lifelong illness. Prince Lorn of The...
  • fiction
  • teen
  • featured
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Percy Jackson, the Son of Olympus: The Lightning Thief by CSP2708
Percy Jackson, the Son of Natalia S. A. Peterson
Percy Jackson, Son of Olympus The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson Fanfiction Summary: Have you ever thought to yourself that your life was perfect one moment, and then sud...
  • quest
  • percabeth
  • olympians
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Paragon - Book I by azimodo
Paragon - Book Iby Azi
*COMPLETE* There are whispers across the kingdoms that the Paragon, that strangely gifted person who can wield all four Skills, has been found. They're wrong, of cour...
  • intrigue
  • darkfantasy
  • powers
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A Long Way From Home[Thorin Oakenshield] RE-EDITING! 3/60 DONE by PhaedraOakenshield
A Long Way From Home[Thorin Phaedra
Honoria Took is Bilbo Baggins little cousin. She is the first half Hobbit, half Elf to ever step foot in the Shire. She was adopted by Belladonna Took and Bungo Baggins...
  • dwarves
  • hobbits
  • fili
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Soul Seeker by sambalazs
Soul Seekerby Samantha Balazs
A huntress with a dying sister. A rival gang determined to catch the life-saving immortal creatures before she can. A death threat. If Ciara kills an innocent man, her s...
  • mythology
  • winter
  • frozen
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Avengers meet the Ghost King by fanficreader14
Avengers meet the Ghost Kingby fanficreader14
What happens when Nico is sent on a quest to kill a new breed of monsters. But something is different with this quest . Nico has to join a team of mortals , the Avengers...
  • percy
  • mythology
  • quest
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Nico at Hogwarts by JetHerondale
Nico at Hogwartsby Jet Herondale
This is just as any other story about Nico who goes to Hogwarts I just wanted to write something and this popped up in my mind. So yeah, Nico goes to Hogwarts and needs...
  • magic
  • underworldmagic
  • phoenix
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The Myriad Chronicles | Book Three: Lost Pages by FayLane
The Myriad Chronicles | Book Faera Lane
As the third and final chapter of The Myriad Chronicles unfolds, Guin finds herself a prisoner in Alavard and must find a way to escape before the Fog consumes all of Th...
  • sorcery
  • adventure
  • wattys2018
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Misadventures [Reincarnated To Another World] by AganimsMenna
Misadventures [Reincarnated To Aganims Menna
[Note] This is a somewhat practice for mah writing or story writing, mostly action and random stuff so don't bother getting a good story in this. [Synopsis] ...
  • aqw
  • elves
  • femaleportagonist
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Storm Chasers (Laxus x Reader) by TheFutureMrsDragneel
Storm Chasers (Laxus x Reader)by Titania
{Complete} A Laxus x Reader Story... Storms of a malicious intent have been plaguing Fiore. When it strikes a town people can't leave their homes, forced in stay indoo...
  • tail
  • laxusdreyar
  • xreader
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Searching for Mr. Darcy by RachelHamm
Searching for Mr. Darcyby Rachel Hamm
Maisie is unlucky in love. Not that she considers herself special, or anything - who hasn't been disappointed in relationships time and time and time again? The one thi...
  • humor
  • facebook
  • janeausten
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Wanted (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) (COMPLETED)  by that_fangirl120
Wanted (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) Layan
No matter who you are, what you are, if you've done a crime, you must be punished. And that's something that Zeus takes seriously. Wondering who committed the crime? Per...
  • percabeth
  • olympus
  • persassy
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The Hearth of the Underworld by KookiesandCream16-
The Hearth of the Underworldby Kookies&cream
Percy jackson was all alone. His mother had died not long ago, his step-father was a drunkard, and his real father left him and his mother before he was even born. Talk...
  • hestia
  • chiron
  • quest
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Lost In Nintendo Land by Captain_Kit
Lost In Nintendo Landby Captain Kit
"I wonder what it's like racing in space or saving a princess. I wonder what it's like competing against your friends in the Olympics. Heh, wouldn't it be cool if I...
  • fandom
  • friendship
  • reader
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The real him (babqftim bendy x reader) by PRINGOTHEDINGO
The real him (babqftim bendy x Just a crazy dingo
The real him (babqftim bendy x reader) A book about a girl called (y/n) who works for everyone favourite mouse, she meets 2 very special brothers and her once normal lif...
  • bendyxreader
  • batim
  • babqftim
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