A Huge Loss

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I watched as NightSong and StarGaze came into view from the dark tunnel. They dropped off a couple fish then flew into the volcano cave with the rest of the dragons. I picked up the fish and went over to my soulmate. I dropped the fish and rubbed my head against NightShade's waking him up. It had been three days since the queen had let us take a break to heal our wings. This was our last day and tonight I was going to lead the raid at Berk. NightSong had been leading the raids at other villages for me and I was looking forward to being the leader again. I gulped down a fish then snuggled up next to NightShade and we went to sleep.

That evening me and NightShade stood on the edge of a nearby cliff ready for a test flight. I nodded and leapt into the air with NightShade following my every move. I dived down then opened my wings and glided along. My wing didn't hurt anymore and was good as new. I flew higher until I was above the clouds. I turned around and looked at NightShade who was flying happily towards me. We swerved around each other doing what was known as a love dance. After a while we came to a stop in front of each other. We came closer and held out our paws until all four of them were touching. We lent forwards and pressed our heads together and softly flapped our wings to stay in the air. I closed my eyes and purred softly and heard him purring too. After a while I opened my eyes and looked into his then we pulled apart and looked at the sky, it was becoming dark.

We flew back to the hole. NightShade told me his tail flap was fine, but weak and if it got hit something could go wrong. But apart from that we were both better. I landed in the entrance of the cave. "IceShade is back!" NightSong announced as he watched us land. Yep, IceShade, that's what he called us now.  I laughed and gathered the Furies then went and met the rest of the dragons. I lead the way to Berk and stopped above the village.

I sent out the Thunderdrums and Flightmares to go down with the Nadders. As always Berk put up a good fight very quickly and I had the send all the other dragons. The Furies split up heading for their different sides of the village. I flew with NightShade as we scouted for any dragons in need of help. I sped off helping some dragons, shooting towers and catapults. We joined back together and flew side by side. We noticed a Nightmare attacking a man on a tower with a catapult on the top. I flew closer and released it was Stoick, the man that caught me last time. "We need to get him out of there!" I told NightShade. "I'm on it. You stay here, if they see you they will hunt you again." He said. I nodded and flew higher up to watch.

Stoick hit the Nightmare and it tried to bite him, but he dodged out the way. I heard the familiar diving sound as NightShade dived down at the tower. "Night Fury! Get down!" The people shouted. Stoick jumped away just as NightShade hit the tower with a plasma blast and flew over it as the tower exploded behind him. Then he doubled back, hit it a second time and the tower crumbled apart. I noticed a small boy run out of a hut dragging something with him as he made his way to a small hill in front of a tower. Before I could wonder about the boy anymore I saw Stoick get a load of Nadders in a net. "NightShade, over there" I called out. "I'm on it!" He told me as he turned. He flew past another tower and shot it with a blast making the tower explode. Suddenly I heard him roar as he fell down just off Raven Point. I dived after him, as I flew past the tower I saw the boy. "Oh, I hit it? Yes I hit it! Did anybody see that?" The boy said jumping about. A Nightmare crawled up behind him. "Except for you" the boy said turning around. The Nightmare roared and gave chase. I didn't see anymore as I flew away.

I entered a forest full of trees and ferns. I flew past a tree which had a broken branch that I knew had been ripped. I looked beyond the branch and saw a tunnel of dirt from something sliding through it. I flew over the slope and there by some rocks lying on his side was NightShade. He had been shot down and had a net around his body, tail and wing. I landed and ran over to him. I rubbed my head against his. "What happened?" I asked. "I was flying then out of nowhere this net flew at me and I was hit. I lost all control of flight and landed here" NightShade told me. "Are you badly hurt?" I asked. "My tail hurts" he told me. I ran over and gasped, his whole left tail flap was completely gone. He would never be able to fly again. I started to claw at the ropes trying to cut through them. I looked up hearing something. "Oh the gods hate me! Some people lose their knife or their mug, no not me, I manage to lose an entire dragon!" It was the same boy that hit my soulmate, I recognised his voice. I heard the sound of leaves rustling. "Ow!" I heard the boy say as I heard the branch bounce back and hit him. Sadly I knew which branch that was, he was close by and would now be able to find us. I jumped up and tried to prepare a blast, but I had used all six shots and now had no defense against the boy

"You need to go! If he finds you..." NightShade started saying. "No! I'm not just leaving you here!" I told him. "I'll be okay and I'll find you again, I promise. But please leave!" My soulmate pleaded. My eyes filled up with tears, I rubbed my head against his and then we touched noses. I heard the boy coming closer and I pulled away. I looked up and saw the shadow of the boy. I took a deep breath, leapt into the air and flew away with tears running down my face.

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