A Narrow Escape

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"Everyone know what to do now?" I asked after explaining the plan for the third time. "Yes" the dragons all replied. Finally! I dived down and flew around the outskirts of Outcast Island, that's where we were raiding. I finally found a way to sneak in and dipped my tail in the water sending out a small wave to signal the dragons to come over. The Nadders flew over and entered the village. I flew back to the rest of the dragons as we watched the Nadders gather food. "Over here!" I heard a Viking shout. I nodded and the Zipplebacks flew over and started burning huts on the other side of the village. It worked and all the people rushed to the other side to attack the Zipplebacks. Next I sent out the Nightmares who attacked the people. The Furies flew over the village watching for any dragons that needed their help. "Got everything" Sparky said as she flew back to me. "Really? That was quick" I said surprised. "Yep, new tactic worked well" she told me. I nodded and called away the dragons and we flew back to dragon island. We each took something and gave it to the queen. "That wasn't much" the queen growled as she glared at me that night. "They hardly had anything" I told her. "Go out again!" She commanded. I sighed and lead the dragons to Berk which was the nearest village.

I sent the Zipplebacks who exploded half the village, through the explosion the Nightmares lit themselves on fire and started attacking the people. The Gronckles were sent as cover for the Nadders to slip in and gather food. I sent each Fury to one side of the island and went with NightShade to the north side which was much larger. The dragons were all tired from the raid at Outcast Island so we had much more work to do.

I saw a Grockle caught in a trap. I dived down and shot the trap so she could escape as I got the same response from the people; "Night Fury! Get down!" I shot a tower with a fire pit at the top, the tower fell and set alight to the ground below. I watched as the the tower fell, pleased with myself. I was so pleased I didn't realise my scales started glowing.
A group of people saw me and gasped. "Glowing Night Fury!" They shouted. Before I knew it, a thousand people came running and started throwing weapons at me. I dodged in and out of weapons as more people came. "Over here Stoick!" I heard someone say. I looked over and saw a big man running straight for me. I flew higher and managed to stop my scales glowing, but it was too late. The man catapulted an iron net at me. It hit my wing and wrapped around it. I roared as my flight started failing. A nearby Gronckle saw what was happening and started shooting lava at the people. The people ran out of the way and soon there was a pool of lava on the ground below. I used my other wing and tail flaps to glide downwards. Another net hit me and I couldn't move my wings anymore. I fell straight towards the ground which was on covered in lava. I shut my eyes as the heat grew stronger. Dragon scales are immune to heat and fire, but only some dragon scales are immune to lava and Night Fury scales are not.

I heard the sound of a Night Fury diving. I opened my eyes and felt someone grab me and flip upside down so I was out of the flames and lava, but that meant they were in them and I heard them groan with pain. We flew higher, got out of the flames and flipped upright. I looked up and saw NightShade holding me, his wings were smoking from the fire and his steering was going off so I guessed his tail flap was also burnt. "Take the food to the queen and tell her I'll come later and explain everything!" NightShade said as he flew past Sparky. Sparky nodded and followed him back to Dragon Island. We flew swiftly, but my breathing became harder because of the nets wrapped around me. Everything started getting dark until I faded into blackness.

I opened my eyes as I was put down on the ground. I looked around and released I was in the Night Fury hole. I felt the nets loosen until they fell off and I could breath again. I saw NightShade lie down next to me and his wings were still smoking. "You need to look after your wings" I whispered to him, a whisper was all I could manage. "I'm fine, just rest" he said softly. I was about to protest, but he put his warm wing over me and I quickly fell asleep.

I woke up and looked around, the hole was empty. I had no idea what day or time it was and all I could remember was NightShade telling I was going to be okay. I got up and felt a sudden pain in my left wing, I looked over and saw blood. I sighed and slowly walked to the entrance of the hole. I sat down and remembered everything else that happened, I remembered NightShade's wings. StarGaze landed next to me and I could see NightSong on his way. "Where's NightShade?" I asked her. "He went to the waterfall" she replied. Before she could say anything else and spread my wings with a great amount of pain and glided towards the waterfall. NightSong tried to grab me as he flew past, but I swerved right and dodged him. I glided down to the river by the waterfall where I saw NightShade sitting, I landed and moaned as the pain grew in my wing. I approached NightShade and saw part of his left tail flap was burnt away.

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