The Queen's Death

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The Red Death was about to snap at one of the men when a flame exploded on the back of her head. She roared and a Nadder, Zippleback, Gronckle and Nightmare with people on their backs came flying into the chaotic scene. "Heavily armoured skull and tail made for bashing and crushing! Steer clear of both! Small eyes, large nostrils! Relies on hearing and smell!" I heard the boy riding the Grockel say. The Nightmare, Zippelback and Grockel flew to the Red Death as the Nadder flew towards the flaming ships. I watched the three dragons annoying the Red Death for some time before the Nadder came back and helped. A little while later I looked over as I heard a loud splash and saw a Night Fury leapt our of the water. A boy climbed on the Furie's back and the Fury leapt into the air. I looked at the Night Fury and I was certain it NightShade...again. The Red Death started to suck in the air around her pulling the Nadder closer into her open mouth. The Fury dived down and shot a plasma blast into the queens mouth. The Fury grabbed a falling girl, put her down on the ground then flew back to the Red Death.

I watched the Fury dive down from high up and shot the queen knocking her over. The Red Death roared and opened her wings which she hadn't done in years. Then she chased after the Night Fury as she crashed into rocks and disappeared in the thick grey clouds. I heard her snarling and every so often the sky would light up with a plasma blast. Then came the orange fire of the queen. Suddenly I saw the Night Fury dive down with the queen diving after him. The Furie's left tail flap was smoking and burning away. Just as the queen opened her mouth and the Fury flipped over and shot a blast inside it setting her mouth on fire. The Red Death opened her wings to stop her from falling, but they ripped just as SmokeCloud's had done a year ago. The Fury flew out of the way and the queen fell headfirst onto the ground, went up in flames and soon after there was an explosion.

After the smoke cleared I saw all the people gathered around the Night Fury who was laying on the ground. Stoick knelt down in front of him. "Oh, son. I did this. Oh, son, I'm so sorry." Stoick said quietly. The Night Fury unwrapped his wings reviling the boy. Stoick ran forwards and gripped the boy. "Hiccup! He's alive. You brought him back alive." Stoick said hugging the boy as the people cheered. Stoick put his hand on the Fury. "Thank you for saving my son." He said as the Fury purred.

Soon after the people and their five dragons got on the last boats that hadn't burnt and sailed away leaving Dragon Island in ash and smoke.

I landed by the Red Death who was still on fire. I walked to her face and watched her struggling to breath. "IceGlow, you shall be the new queen until the Green Death hatches and look after my hatchling for me." The queen said. "I will, my queen." I told her nodding. The queen lowered her head then closed her eyes and took her last breath. I turned around to see all the dragons standing around me with their heads lowered. "Welcome Queen IceGlow!" Said NightSong as he smiled at me. I sat up tall and nodded excepting my new role as queen. The dragons all shot fire into the air to welcome me. I shot a plasma blast and purred. "To the centre of the volcano for a meeting" I told them and all the dragons followed me inside the cave.

I sat on a rock in the middle of the great hole underneath me and looked around at all the dragons on their platforms. "Today we have lost the Red Death and I am now queen. The Red Death was a cruel leader and I do not wish to be like her. I will set some new rules and if you break them, I won't be as brutal as the Red Death was, but do not underestimate me! And don't mistake my kindness for weakness!" I told them. The dragons all nodded. "I do not wish to stay on Dragon Island and await the day the Green Death shall rule. We can leave, find a new island and establish a new way of life with me as your queen" I told them. Most dragons cheered, but some wanted to wait out the Green Death as queen. "All those who want to come with me and find a new way of life meet me by the waterfall tonight. All those who wish to stay and serve the Green Death can stay behind" I said. The dragons all nodded and I dismissed them. I knew this wasn't what the Red Death had meant by becoming queen, but I wanted to give these dragons the life we all deserved.

The next day I lead the way to a new home with most of the dragons following me. A few dragons had decided to stay and look after the Green Death. NightSong flew by my side as we glided over the ocean. "Where are we going?" NightSong asked. "I'm going to find an island where we can live and will be safe as a family." I told him. NightSong nodded and smiled.

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