The Girl

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I watched Stormfly join the other three dragons who stood against the wall. I looked at Toothless who looked very hurt. "No!" Hiccup said as he ran down to the door. I leapt into action and shot another two blasts at the Night Fury. Hiccup started opening the arena door and I shot a blast at him. Toothless ran at the door and squeezed through it. I spread my wings and a second later I was by the door. Somehow Hiccup managed to slam shut the door before I could get out. "I should have left you in that amber!" I yelled at Toothless. Hiccup hadn't locked the door yet and when he loosened his grip on the door, even though it was just a split second, I opened it. I couldn't fly away because the exit was completely blocked so instead I grabbed Hiccup and dragged him into the arena. The door shut and Toothless couldn't get it open.

I threw Hiccup into the arena and leapt on top of him. I grabbed his leg and realised it was wooden. I rolled my eyes, of course it was his left leg which matched Toothless's left tail flap. I was so mad with Toothless and mainly his fishbone for locking me up here. Hiccup got up and started running around in panic which was really annoying. I grabbed his wooden leg and ripped it off him, that stopped him and he couldn't walk anymore. I threw the wooden leg across the arena. I had used five shots and only had one chance to hit the fishbone. I prepared the shot in the back of my throat and held it there while I aimed. "IceGlow please don't do it!" NightShade pleaded in the background.

Suddenly the door to the arena opened and another girl rushed inside. I swallowed the blast, saving it for later and turned around to face the brown and blond haired girl. "Ruby, get back! It's not safe!" Hiccup yelled at her. Judging from the concern in his voice I could tell he was really worried about her, almost as if she knew nothing about dragons. "Just let Toothless inside and we can all get out of here alive!" Hiccup yelled. I looked back at the door and sure enough, Ruby had made sure Toothless couldn't get in. I flew across the arena then dived down and landed just in front of Ruby who fell onto the ground. I spread my wings above me so I looked bigger. "Just stay very still." Hiccup said to the girl. I let the slit of my eyeballs become bigger so I could see her better. I puffed smoke and growled. Ruby stood up again and held up her hands and I reared up on my back legs. "No, no, no. Okay. Okay." Ruby said as she held up her right hand and pulled the one other in. I reared on my back legs again then dropped down on all fours. "It's okay, it's okay. It's okay." Said Ruby as she stepped a little closer. "Shh, shh, shh" she said softly. I puffed some smoke and twitched about nervously. "Okay, okay, okay. Relax, relax. It's all okay. It's okay." She said as she reached her hand in front of me. I suddenly became very calm and my eyeballs opened into big, round circles. Without thinking I put my snout against the palm of her hand and let her stroke me. "Rough day huh? Yeah, yeah." Ruby whispered to me. "I've never seen her so calm." I heard Astrid say from outside the arena. "Just stay very still." Hiccup said running over with a rope in his hand. I turned around and growled. "Hiccup back off! Go to the door and get out. No ropes, just back off." Ruby said. "I just need to get her under control." Hiccup said stepping closer. "She was under control. Just back off!" Ruby said. I growled again. Hiccup came closer. "I said back off!" Ruby said again. Hiccup looked up at Astrid who nodded, then he backed off and slowly walked towards the door. "Okay, I get it, I get it. You like to be free. I get it" Ruby said moving closer to me again. "Okay, Ruby. She seems to like you. Put this rope on her and get her to the other side of the arena then tie her up." Hiccup said holding out a rope. "No, that won't help. She needs to be free." Ruby said. "Just do as I tell you!" Hiccup shouted at Ruby.
Hiccup lay on the floor. I knew I hadn't hit him with my last plasma blast, but it was enough to make him well dizzy.

I watched Hiccup being taken away by Astrid and Ruby. I turned and looked at the gang of dragons. They all ran forward and surrounded me. "That was so cool! You showed them whose boss!" Hookfang cheered. "The explosion was amazing!" Belch told me. "That last shot was awesome!" Barf echoed. "The way you threw his wooden leg!" Meatlug grinned. "How you stood up to Toothless, it was amazing!" Stormfly informed me. I sat up tall and accepted the compliments from the other dragons. I heard a sigh by the door and turned to see Toothless with flat ears. He looked at me with sad eyes then turned and walked away. I'm not going to lie, I felt bad. I just realised how I had acted, now he may never forgive me. "Who was that girl...Ruby?" I asked. "She's new here. Hiccup and Astrid found her a couple days before you got here." Meatlug said. "And they brought her back to Dragons Edge to look after her. She was kidnapped and taken away from her family and has no idea where they are." Belch said. "She's scared of dragons so Hiccup is trying to teach her how to train them and that they aren't monsters." Belch said. "When you came her training was put on holt, so she's had a lot of time on her hands." Hookfang said. "She wasn't meant to come anywhere near you, but she's been curious ever since you got here." Stormfly said ending the conversation. I must say, it's very helpful having four dragons to explain everything to you, especially when one has two heads.

"She had quite the effect on you". Stormfly said later that evening. Stormfly had grown to be my best friend there, she reminded me of Sparky. "I don't know what came over me, there is just something about her, it's like we had a connection." I said. Stormfly nodded. "I know just what you mean, I had the same with my Astrid." She said.

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