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I flew back to Dragon Island as fast as I could, I was determined to get the dragons and go back for NightShade. I caught up with the dragons as we neared the island. "We need to go back for NightShade, he's been hit" I said. "First things first, feed the queen then when we get a chance we can sneak away" a dragon told me. I sighed knowing he was right. I grabbed a wild boar and flew into the volcano, dropped it into the pit and landed on my platform. "I need you all to go to the Shadowed Reef and bring back as many sea creatures as you can." The queen ordered. I felt a huge amount of pain as I released this meant that I wouldn't be able to go back for NightShade since the trip took a long time. "When do we need to leave?" NightSong asked. "Tonight" the queen replied. I sighed. "Now everyone get ready apart from IceGlow, I want to talk to you" the queen said.

Everyone left until it was just the two of us. "I realise you are not pleased about having to go, but I need that food" the queen said. "Why?" I asked. "Because I'm going to have a hatchling. And as I'm sure you know hatchlings can only eat seafood for the first part of their life" the queen told me. "Your having a hatchling?" I asked in shock. She nodded. "When?" I asked. "I laid it this evening, but it will take a little while to hatch" she told me. "Congratulations!" I said and she nodded. I took a deep breath. "Where is NightShade?" The queen asked. I closed by eyes with the pain of his name being mentioned. "He was hit doing the raid, it was only me that found him and by the time I found the rest of the dragons we were back here" I said in pain. "That's too bad, but you understand this is so much more important" the queen said. I wanted to scream at her and rip out her eyes, but instead I just nodded. She let me go and I gathered the dragons and lead them to the Shadowed Reef.

After two days of flying we finally reached Shadowed Reef. I let the dragons get some rest and the next day I put them all to work. The dragon s all set go work catching large sea creatures, clams, eels, crabs, fish, sharks, stingrays, squids and whatever else we could find. However I just sat and watched them. I wondered what was happening to NightShade, I wondered how he was and if he was even still alive. I shut my eyes tight, I wanted it to all be a dream, I wanted to wake up and see NightShade by my side. I couldn't take the pain anymore. I screamed as loud as I could and shot several blasts high into the sky. The other dragons all looked at me and lowered their heads, they all knew how much pain I was going through. You only get one chance at finding love as a dragon, once you find your soulmate, that's your partner for life....and I lost mine. "Why's she so upset anyway?" I heard a dragon ask. "She lost NightShade, her soulmate" another dragon explained. "That's not so bad, I'm actually glad he's gone. Why did she like him in the first place?" The first dragon said. I felt myself snap and I leapt at the dragon pinning him to the grown. "How dare you!" I yelled as I prepared a shot. Someone hit me in the side so the shot didn't hit the dragon beneath me. I started clawing at the dragon until I felt someone dragging me away. "Get back to work!" I heard NightSong yell, he was the one dragging me. All the dragon murmured amongst themselves then got back to work with collecting seafood.

NightSong turned me around so we were facing. "Ice, I'm so sorry for what happened with NightShade" he said softly. I sighed and shut my eyes. "Everyone knows what your going through and everyone is saying they want to help, but they don't know how..." my brother continued. "I didn't mean to attack him like that" I said quietly. "I know, everyone knows. We are all supporting you" he told me. "It just hurts. I can't believe he's actually gone. I wish I could have saved him" I said softly. "I know, but it's not your fault! None of this is your fault!" He said trying to change my mind and I admit, it almost worked. "Hey look at me" he said lifting my head with his tail. "Your going to get through this, your going to be okay. You have to be strong. Celebrate every moment you had with him, that's what he would want" NightSong told me. I nodded and smiled for the first time since Berk. Later I gathered all the dragons and apologised. Just like NightSong said, they all understood and were very supportive. We all ate and went to sleep on a few rocks near the reef.

I lay down and quickly slid into my dreams.
I'm standing by the waterfall and NightShade is in front of me. "NightShade? Is that you?" I ask. "Yes, it's me" He says. We run towards each other and rub heads. "Are you Okay?" I ask. "Yes, I'm fine and I'll be okay" he tells me. "It hurts so much without you" I tell him. "I know, it hurts for me too. But you must be strong and you'll be okay" he says as he presses his nose against mine. We purr softly and look into each other's eyes.
I woke up and looked up at the stars in the night sky. "Goodbye NightShade. I'll be strong just like you asked. All the best of luck to you, my soulmate" I say as I gaze up at the brightest star I can find.

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