Wind In My Wings

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Mamma shot a plasma blast in front of me. "Now you try" she said. "How?" I asked. "Suck in the air, hold it in your throat then try to heat it up. Once you can feel heat spit it out" mamma told me. I did what she told me to do and shot out a plasma blast. "Now remember, a Night Fury only has six shots, then they can't shoot anymore and have to wait a while until the shots come back" mamma told us.

Later I stood on the edge of the mountain and looked down below. "It's easy, just jump and open your wings then flap them" mamma told me. I looked back at NightSong and SmokeCloud who were behind me. "After you leader" said SmokeCloud. "It's easy! And if you can't do it I'll catch you" mamma reassured us. I took three steps back then ran and leapt off the mountain. I fell down and down and down. 'Come on, come on, what did mamma say to do?' I screamed at myself in my thoughts. Suddenly the fog cleared and I was about to hit the rocks below, I looked up and saw mamma wouldn't get to me in time. Without thinking I spread my jet black wings and was lifted into the air. I was about to flew into a large rock and I tried to turn, then suddenly the flaps on my back opened up so I had a set of two flaps running down my back. I was now able to make to tight turns, I swerved around the rock and flapped my large wings, I flew higher and higher until I came to the top of the mountain. "That's it IceGlow!" Mamma cheered.

I saw NightSong and SmokeCloud jump off the edge and fall down. I dived down with mamma. NightSong opened his wings and flapped them until he was next to me. We all watched SmokeCloud try to open his wings, but failed. Mamma was about to get him. "I've got him!" I told her as I dived down and caught my brother in my paws. I flew him higher. "Drop him again. SmokeCloud you need to open your wings and flap them" mamma said. SmokeCloud nodded, I let go of him and watched SmokeCloud fall. He finally opened his wings, but they were much smaller then the rest of ours. However he managed to fly and insisted to come with us as we tried to get the hang of flying.

I lead the way as we tried out what we could do. I folded in my wings and dived straight down. Just as my nose hit the water I spread my wings and was lifted up by the wind. I flapped my powerful wings until I was above the clouds, I glided over the white, fluffy clouds then did a flip and dived down again. I rolled through the air and shot a couple of plasma blasts in front of me. I plunged into the water and floated for a while watching the fish swim before flying back to mamma and my brothers. I also found out that I would clap my back flaps together. "Let's all try a dive and then open our wings before we hit land just like IceGlow did, this move will be very helpful in the future" Mamma said. We got ready and dived down towards the rocks then opened our wings and flew. "Well done everyone" mamma said proudly. "Wait where's SmokeCloud?" NightSong asked. We looked down and saw SmokeCloud open his wings, but they ripped and were now useless. I dived down at top speed and grabbed his leg then took him back to the mountain nest.

Turns out SmokeCloud will never be able to fly again. He had been born with sort, unsteady wings which had ripped because they weren't strong enough. This made things very hard for my brother. I learnt that there are three rules that a Night Fury must always follow otherwise they are not considered a dragon.
1) A Night Fury must be able to fly at the speed of light.
2) A Night Fury must never, ever miss a shot.
3) A Night Fury must always, always go for the kill.

Two months later...

I sat on the mountain and looked out over the ocean. Suddenly I heard a mighty roar from afar. "What was that mamma?" I asked as mamma came and stood next to me. "That was the Red Death, she's the queen of all dragons. She lives at Dragon Island with most other dragons and demands that everyone brings her food. She let the females go to rase their babes, but now she is calling them back. The only dragons that don't live under her control are the dragon species in a large pack with their own leader or those who are under control of the Bewilderbeast, which is the king of all dragons." Mamma told me. "Do you need to go back?" I asked. "Yes, as I've said before, there are nearly no Night Furies left so I have no other way to survive, but to stay on Dragon Island." Mamma explained. "Am I going to have I go?" I asked nervously. "Yes, the queen demands that all the baby dragons come back and work for her" Mamma said sadly. "When do we leave?" I asked. "Tomorrow" mamma told me. "And you must be careful, if you don't please her or bring enough food she will eat you!" Mamma warned me. I looked out over the ocean and watched the waves crash onto the shore. I sighed and lay down for my last nap before heading off to Dragon Island.

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